Well,  AWANA has begun for this school year. Today was a theme day – Double Dollar Day! Today, every section completed was worth two AWANA dollars for the kids.

I have the privilege of working with the Sparks club. I usually have the same kids each week. Two of these kids have been with me since last year. One of these, a boy, was finishing a section where he was reciting John 1:1-4. I began asking him if he understood the passage. He explained that Jesus had come as Savior and that Jesus was everyone’s Savior.

I explained that this was not exactly true. Jesus is the Savior for those who trust in him to save them from their sins. People who never turn to Jesus and trust in him for their salvation have no Savior.

He thought about this for awhile. I could almost see the little gears turning. I asked him if he had ever asked Jesus to be his Savior and got a head shake in reply. So I asked if he thought it was time to ask Jesus to be his Savior. He responded that he thought he should recite more sections and pray to Jesus later.

Thank the Lord, this little boy had only one section left – the one he had just done. There was no more to do until he was awarded his next workbook. After explaining this, he agreed that “now” would be a good time to pray and ask Jesus to save him.

I asked the boy a few things to be certain he knew what he was doing. In response to my questions he assured me that he understood:

    what sin is
    that he was a sinner and sinned
    that Jesus alone could save him from his sin
    that he needed to ask God to forgive him
    that he needeto ask Jesus to be his Savior

I then asked him to pray with me and this little boy accepted Christ as his personal Savior tonight.

AWANA states as their goal in the pledge to the AWANA flag – “to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and to train them to serve him.”

Praise the Lord. A little boy has received Christ through the ministry of our local AWANA club.

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