A Loss in Nenana

A local young man was tragically killed tonight while trying to cross the Parks Highway on his snow machine.  In every small town, eveyone seems well known.  Even in this case, he was not only well known, but well loved.  He was always ready with a joke to bring a smile to your face.

For the sake of his family’s privacy, I’ll not name him or them, but God knows who they are and how they hurt. Please pray for them.

Please pray for us too. We hope to extend our concern to everyone in the community at all times and even more when tragedy strikes. Please pray that we be ready for any small service we may extend and for the grace and peace of God to minister to them through us.

Please pray for all of Nenana. While the family’s loss is truly great, the whole community suffers from the loss of such a wonderful person as this young man.

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