Grief & Spiritual Care

Today, I spent the day at the high scchool. The superintendent had requested my presence along with a teacher trained as a guidance counselor and several counselors from a local mental health organization.

The hours were well spent. Many of the teenagers needed a friendly ear to hear their pain and share memories of the wonder of the life that was lost. We spent our time keeping the conversation going so the teens could speak, share, cry, and laugh. Still, these young people have just started the grief process and will need to know that they can always turn to the community pastor for help in these tough times.

The father of the young man called today while I was at the school. The family has asked me to share some brief remarks during the funeral on Friday. They hope to keep the service short and simple. I was humbled by the request and would appreciate prayer as I prepare to offer truth and comfort from God’s Holy Word. Also, please continue in prayer for the family and even for the entire community as this grief has shadowed every heart.

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