Ho Ho Ho

Just one year (and some months) and we see such a difference in our ministry here.  When we go places, we know pretty much everyone and are known by the same.  We are getting to know the events of the town and wee were already gearing up to enjoy the Christmas Bazaar.

A few days before the bazaar, I received a phone call from a friend in town and she started by asking me if I felt jolly.  This was her way of casually asking if I might be the Santa for the bazaar.  She was so busy trying to talk me into it, she didn’t quite catch on that I had already said “Yes!”

Later, she explained that she usually has to badger or guilt-trip someone into playing Santa.  She also was really open to any hour I might be available.  As it turns out, an hour is usually all she can get someone to take the job.

I played Santa for 8 hours.  Not that I sacrificed “so much” – but I had a WONDERFUL time.  I got to the civic center at 9:30, fully dressed and ho-ho-hoing away.  I was given several cases of candy to give away and a comfortable rocking chair by the Christmas tree.

During the course of the day, I spent time with all the vendors.  I handed out enough candy to keep the dentists in business.  I also had about every kid in Nenana divulging their Christmas wish list.  A lady was on hand to take photos and print them off there for 3 dollars.  Also, people were encouraged to use their own cameras if they had one.

The sad part of the day was time with one young girl.  Like most of the kids, she knew I wasn’t Santa.  I work with all of them in AWANA and such – they all know my voice.  It was just easier to pretend.  She is feeling the holiday blues because she has been wishing for her mom and dad to get back together, but she knows now it’s not going to happen.  Dad got married this summer to another woman.

I also was able to talk to some of the adults about the real Saint Nicholas and many of the things he believed.  It’s amazing how God will use community events to provide ministry opportunities for his servants.

I was also asked to be the narrator of the community nativity – a new event beginning this year – as well as quiet requests that I might serve as Santa at other events this year and next.

We are so thankful for these opportunities to serve our community by being a witness of God’s love and salvation at this time of the year.  Thank you for your financial and prayer support – because you are our partners in this work that God has graciously given to all of us.



5 responses to “Ho Ho Ho

  1. Did you try to get a Biblically/culturally/historically accurate Nativity portrayed?

  2. I’m not organizing it and don’t know what it looks like. I’ll get my first peek on Saturday when I show up for the first rehearsal.

  3. Thats greats news bill, I will pray for you right now so I don’t forget.

  4. Your experience with the little girl reminds one that Nenana is Bethlehem again. with broken relationships in need of a Savior but no room for Jesus.

  5. Thanks for thhe prayers Norby.

    Yes, Vern. I have thought along a similar vein. The gift most people in Nenana need this season is one given by God through Jesus Christ.

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