New at Nenana Community Church

We have something new at Nenana Community Church…

I received an excellent suggestion from a member that is in the lower 48 for the next few months.  He asked about having sermons recorded so that he and his family could listen in even when they are away for a time.  What a great idea!  Alaskans love to travel and making sermons available is an excellent ministry opportunity.

The elders chatted about the best way to accomplish this request and we now have a new mp3 recorder.  Added to the mix is that the other 2 elders have extensive backgrounds in the skill set to produce a reasonably refined audio track for posting online.

So here is the first installment.  Click the link to download the sermon.  The file is an mp3 and should play on most media players.

Sermon from Sunday January 17th, 2010 – Scripture text John 15:18-16:4 – Preached by Bill Troxel

Sermon Jan 17, 2010

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4 responses to “New at Nenana Community Church

  1. Wonderful Idea and a great message. Will you be able to archive recordings or set up a podcast?

  2. I’ve been looking into that. I have found an online service that would allow it, but it has a monthly fee. At any rate, the links will be archived after a fashion through that site and I’ll be looking at ways to do that here. Otherwise, in the sidebar, there will be a tag for “sermons” that will allow users to find all the posts with a sermon link in it.

  3. Donna Gondek

    Hi Bill,
    We’re listening to you here in NY. We’re praying for you.
    Donna and Larry

  4. Pastor Bill

    Thank you Donna & Larry

    I drove past your old place near Chisto a few weeks back. Good memories of eating and visiting together. Thanks for the prayers – I hope you all are well.

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