Prayer Opportunity *Updated*

Friends & Family, we have some prayer needs and I hope you will take these needs before the Lord.

Saturday, a young man was struck and killed on the highway. He left behind a beloved girlfriend, daughter, and many other friends and family. The accident involved another local person. Please pray for everyone involved in this tragedy.

Saturday, a good friend from way back called to tell me that he and his wife are separating. Please pray for the healing needed for both these dear people and for an extra measure of grace and mercy from on high so that their marriage will not only survive but become strong. Both are believers and have godly people in their lives to provide nurture, encouragement, and biblical counsel.

Late Saturday/early Sunday, my mom had a seizure. She was found collapsed on the floor and unresponsive. I am very thankful for her long time boyfriend Mike who found her and got her to the hospital. He stayed with her until other family was able to show up. Pray for her and her health and for Mike as he is obviously distraught. Pray for us as we are anxious for her sake. Pray for the doctors that they can discover the reason for the seizure and can restore her to health.

I talked with my mom today. She is back home. The theory is that a drastic switch in medication caused the seizure. The docs are working out some new medications to meet her health needs.

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