Chainsaw Evangelism

Village Missions has a monthly brochure called “Stories from the Village Missions fields.” The January 2010 issue has Nenana, AK on the front fold. Here is an excerpt…

Evangelism can look like a chainsaw…we have been budgeting for a chainsaw, and we finally own one. Opportunities to cut wood have always been good, but now I have even more. I’ve already used it to help someone…add a few more cords to his wood pile. I’m praying for more opportunities to cut wood & build relationships with folks. A pastor that cuts wood for free will get to visit folks he might not get to otherwise!

Update: A good friend discovered that I had purchased the saw for outreach purposes and decided to donate a used pair of safety chaps and hard hat (with visor and ear protectors. They may be used, but they are in good, serviceable condition and make the ministry safer. Thanks to such a good friend.

This is a ministry tool that can be of use throughout the year. Many people need to cut wood regularly over the summer to let it age. Later, the felled trees are cut into sections, transported, cut into lengths and then split and stacked. This provides many opportunities to be a good neighbor and make new friends.

While it may be confusing to some that ministry might include a chainsaw, we see this as an opportuniity to live out Christ’s words to “Love our neighbors as ourselves.” In interior Alaska, a good wood pile is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity to survive the winters. This is one way we are able to live out the love of Christ to our friends and neighbors.

We are so thankful to live and to serve in a community like Nenana. Being a neighbor here means more than living next door to someone. Neighbors here help one another and now we have one more way that we can lend a hand to our friends.

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