Prayer Opportunity *Updated 2/15*

Updated 2/15 – there is a website to follow the Horst family’s updates and prayer needs:

I wanted to share an opportunity to pray for a fellow brother in Christ. I found out this morning that Eugene Horst, a professor at Alaska Bible College, has been seriously injured and is in the hospital. Mr. Horst is a good friend and was a major influence on my life and understanding of the Scriptures when I trained to be a pastor. His wife Pam is a good friend who took every opportunity to encourage me as a student. I am asking all who pray to please pray for my friends Gene and Pam and their son Tim.

Here is an update from Facebook via Betty Bengston

Good friends and good food for the superbowl game, but we have heavy hearts. One of my colleagues from Alaska Bible College fell off of his roof while working on his chimmney yesterday. He was mediavaced to Anchorage and is in critical condition–broken nose, lost teeth, fractures or broken vertabrea, and a concussion. Please pray for Gene, Pam and Tim their son. Thank you–Blessings to each of you.

and an update from Betty

Gene is in Providence Hospital for those who would wish to send him a card. Prognosis is he will be there for 2-3 wks with a total 18 months of recovery. He does have 2 skull fractures, but the dr. says keep praying. He has never seen these injuries without brain damage, and so far there appears to be none. Dr. is amazed. Gene also has a broken wrist and will need surgery on one of his back injuries.
Thank you for praying.

Please pray for my friends.

Update from Pam Horst via Facebook

Gene has fallen off the roof at our house. He has a very serious concussion. C1 and c6 in his neck are broken. May other bones in his body are fractured. too long to list. He is in Providence Hospital in ACC. Need blood pressure to level out well. He is in so much pain that blood pressure sky high when weened off medications to test brain and estremities. Infection high risk and dangerous.

Update from Pam Horst via Facebook

Thank you for your prayers. Dr. say it is only thing that has kept him alive and better than they ever hoped.


Keep praying. The hospital staff dr. have said this is a real miracle.

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2 responses to “Prayer Opportunity *Updated 2/15*

  1. I am praying for Genes recovery

  2. Thanks Gary. I know the Horsts appreciate every prayer – and so do I- they are good friends.

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