New Baby Photos

The Troxel family went to Fairbanks yesterday for the first prenatal doctor visit. We were hoping to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, but the usual equipment did not pick up the heartbeat because baby Troxel is still too little. Fortunately, the doctor ordered a sonogram to get some photos, hear the heart, and project a due date from the sonogram’s data.

After a quick trip for lunch, the Troxels returned for the sonogram. Mom went back first and dad and kidlets were able to be there for the first look. The sonogram technician played the sweet sound of that little heart and then took some measurements. She managed to get baby to move so we could see the new bundle in action. We were able to see the heart beat, the arms move, and the body twist. Baby Troxel is doing well. The measurements predict a due date in early to mid September just as we had thought.

In order to share our joy, three sonogram photos are included. The photos have some labels on them. The first photo has the head indicated and the second points to the arms. Baby Troxel is still very small and has a lot of development ahead. Future photos will likely have more detail.

Click on the photos for a better look

Photo 1 – look for the head

Photo 2 – look for the arms

Photo 3

Enjoy the photos!

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3 responses to “New Baby Photos

  1. Congrats, Troxels! Nice pictures. I always love being able to see the baby on the ultrasound screen. Sometimes technology is wonderful! I have my first ultrasound on the 22nd. Miss you guys!

  2. Thanks Tricia. It’s nice to see technology used like this – hope to hear a good report from your ultrasound. We miss you guys too. Say hi to Pastor Hayek for me 🙂

  3. Very Nice



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