Thank you for your prayers. The Lord is good all the time. Baby Troxel has miscarried.

We went to a local hospital and had an ultrasound. The results showed that Baby Troxel had no heartbeat. There is no current word on any cause. We have a doctor’s appointment this coming Thursday. We will be back home Wednesday evening. We need our people around us. We can’t wait to be back to Nenana.

We are hurting and in need of further prayers. Mom is fine physically. Emotionally we are wrecks. We need all the support we can get right now.

In a few hours, the kids will be brought back to us from a trip with grandma. We will tell them then.

I will be preaching on Sunday. For years I have told my people to trust in God, find peace in Him and joy in Him even when it hurts. This Sunday, we will share why we still have joy and hope even when it hurts so bad.

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5 responses to “Miscarriage

  1. Marilyn Duggar

    Hi and love to all of you.
    I am so sorry that Baby Troxel has gone on to heaven before being able to stay very long with you, and us. It is a hard thing to understand and accept. You all will be in my prayers at this time. Especially Rebecca since along with heartbreak comes the hormone changes.

    We also have a wee one waiting in heaven.

    Love, Marilyn

  2. Human words cannot begin to comfort your hearts, I know, we have had two miscarriages in the 15 years before the Lord blessed us with our son, Sam. God is still God. God still loves you. God’s Word is true, faithful and right. Cling to Him and to one another.

  3. I know you are hurting so bad right now but your faith in the Lord is what will get you through. “All things work together for good for those you love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.” Jesus will hold that baby, along with mine I lost and many others, until we can see them again. I love you all.

  4. Paula Hodges

    There is nothing I can add to what has already been said. Just know I am crying with you and praying for you and that we love you.
    Michael and Paula

  5. Thanks for the kind thoughts. We are still pretty ragged. Please continue to pray for us.

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