Miscarriage continued

I wanted to share the latest news. We went for a doctor’s visit in Fairbanks on Thursday.

The doctor looked over the information from the hospital in Hawaii. He also gave Rebecca a sonogram. The baby’s body was no longer discernible, but a lot of tissue remained.

We were told that Rebecca had a “missed miscarriage.” This is where the baby dies, but the mom’s body carries on as if the baby is alive. This can cause great health concerns as the baby’s body can cause infections in the mom. While the mom may deliver the baby, she may not. The doctor was concerned that given the baby’s developmental age and the fact that Rebecca had not delivered the baby in the time since the baby died that Rebecca could be at risk.

After considering several options, it was decided that Rebecca would undergo a procedure in the office. This required a dose of pills before the procedure, a local anesthetic and further pain pills and an antibiotic. During the procedure, the remaining tissue from the baby and placenta was removed. There were no complications.

We are thankful for friends that watched Aerin and Ethan (on Thursday) and for the meals so many have provided. This has allowed me to care for Rebecca without needing to worry about feeding everyone.

Further news…

The doctor has no concerns about future attempts to have another baby. He has advised another visit in two weeks to verify mom’s health followed by three months for healing and rest. Sometime this summer, we will try for another baby. We pray that the good Lord will bless us with another child.

Concerning the child we have lost, the kids asked if we could celebrate the baby’s birthday as being on March 1st. Their reasoning is that on March 1st, our baby went to heaven. The evening after my last post, we went to downtown Waikiki and had cake and ice cream. Aerin also suggested a name for our baby. Since our baby brought us so much joy we will be calling Baby Troxel “Joy.” Baby Joy is truly a part of our family. While we are grieving, we also celebrate the joy God gave us.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support.

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4 responses to “Miscarriage continued

  1. Hey, Radar, it’s amanda2324 from the Way, Truth, Life.

    I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time… if you or wife need to consult with Christians who have had miscarriages, I can ask them to e-mail you. I know someone who miscarried twins, and my own mother has miscarried more than once. It’s not an easy time at all, and you shouldn’t go through it alone.

  2. Pastor Bill

    Thanks Amanda,

    The Lord in his mercy and grace has provided several folks that have experienced this type of loss to help us. My wife’s good friend has grieved several miscarriages. A lady in our church has as well. Plus many others have been reaching out to us. How wonderful it is to live in a good community and worship with the family of God.

    I appreciate the offer, and be assured that if we need additional help in this way, I will contact you.

  3. I’m sorry for your loss. I also had a miscarriage on Jan 25, 2010 and am currently grieving the loss. I am a believer in Christ as well.

    I have written and done a little artwork through this process. If you want to check it out, my blog is lightestburden.blogspot.com.

    Bless you and your family.

  4. Thank you for your comments. I have checked out your site and will continue to do so. May your family feel the ever present care of the Most High.

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