Miscarriage Update

I wanted to update everyone on the latest news from the Troxels concerning the loss of Baby Joy. First let me say that we have received such wonderful care and support from so many folks. Thank you. We also appreciate the many prayers offered to the Father on our behalf. Thank you.

This week, Rebecca had a follow up doctor visit. The visit was to check on her after the D&C. The visit went well. The doctor has assured us that Rebecca is physically well. We have been given the green light to try again at about the 3 month mark. Most of what we have heard about the 3 months has to do with grief as much as physical concerns. We are discussing now when we think will be a good time to try to get pregnant again.

Physically all is well. Mentally and emotionally we are still dealing with the loss. We feel that we are handling the grief well, but we still feel sorrow over our loss. Continued prayers are requested as grief is a process that should not be rushed.

The kids are doing well. This past week was spring break and they enjoyed their respite. They have moved quickly through their grief, but we expected this to be the case. Now, their sorrow seems to be a child’s empathy for the sorrow of the parents.

Again, we are grateful for every bit of support. We now pray that in the months to come, we will be able to announce another baby. We are not trying to replace the baby we lost, but wish to add to our family the joy of a new life. Please pray with us that the next pregnancy will be healthy and result in a healthy delivery.

Soli Deo Glloria

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