Troxel Miscellany

Several things have come up with the Troxels lately and here they are in no particular order:

Gooodbye to the Hodges. This family has relocated to Mexico in a retirement community. We love them dearly and miss them already. Michael gave Bill with a hunting rifle before they left. Thanks for the gift.

Freecycle – Thanks to Jeannie and the Wellness in Nenana group for putting together the last freecycle. This even was scheduled shortly after our return to Nenana. Given our sorrow, Jeannie helped us immensely by organizing the lion’s share of this event. Further, she will be organizing these events from now on. Their family is a missionary family that focuses on community outreach. This event fits well with their mission and helps us share ministry with other believers.

Elder’s Retreat – Adam, Art and I spent several days at a nice apartment in Fairbanks this past week. Among other things, we have laid out a proposed budget to be voted upon at our spring business meeting. We also received up to date information from Village Missions about budgetary questions concerning the building project. This additional information will also be shared at the meeting.

Hawaii Photos – Rebecca has posted some photos of our vacation. If you have a Facebook account then you can find those photos by Clicking Here. Other photos may become available there, so you might want to check back several times.

Google Maps – A picture of me is seen on Google Maps. I am the one riding the bicycle.

So there’s a few short blurb-like updates. I hope that makes up for the shortage of recent posts.

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