Project Overhaul

A pastor’s heart is always warmed by seeing the active ministries of the people of the church. Project Overhaul is one of those warm spots. The ministry idea is to help physically clean up Nenana to show love and concern for our neighbors.

The project is a ministry of Rob & Jeannie Bennett. They are one family of many in the church that could not be classified as armchair believers. Instead, when they see a need they want to find ways to meet it. The need in this case is the difficulty surrounding the disposal of garbage – especially large items. Anything is expensive to get to Alaska and to a rural community like Nenana. But when it is broken, it is even more costly to get rid of it.

Project Overhaul serves the community by picking up such items (in conjunction with the Native Council and Nenana city government) and properly dispose of them. This cleans up yards and provides more usable space. The Bennett’s supply the truck. Jeannie organizes volunteers for the pick up (including herself and Rob.) The Native Council loans a good sized trailer and a local landfill donates tonnage to the effort. The Native Council is now collecting large appliances for disposal. The city is arranging to pick up old vehicles and have them hauled away by barge for proper disposal.

With such efforts from so many, the town has had quite a facelift.

Today was a pleasure to get to help load the trailer and drop it at the landfill. As we were leaving, the attendant told us that the project has hauled away a little more than 20,000 pounds. What a blessing to be a part of the Bennett’s ministry in rural Alaska.

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