River Blessing

One of the many features of Nenana is our location at the junction of the Nenana and Tanana rivers. The rivers are a major feature due to the employment opportunities and as a source of salmon. Many families depend upon employment at one of the barge companies or upon the meat provided by fishing and also hunting camps along the rivers.

The annual river blessing at Nenana is a time when several local churches come together to ask God to bless us with safety and provision. As the Creator he has already blessed us with the beauty and abundance of Alaska and its rivers. We believe it honors God to pray for his blessing to overflow keeping us safe and able to provide for our families.

The annual river blessing will be this Sunday, the 6th of June, at 10:00 a.m. Some of the churches will attend the blessing as their service and other have rearranged morning services to accommodate the event. Last year, I was privileged to preach a short message from the Scriptures to accompany the blessing. This year, it is my honor to intercede with God on behalf of our community by praying for his special blessings upon us.

Many from the churches will be a part of the service, but I’d like to single out Marilyn Duggar. Marilyn is a wonderful lady and the priest of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Her love for the community is plain to see. She takes it upon herself to plan and arrange many events in Nenana, including this event. I am very grateful to her for all she does and especially who she is – my sister in Christ.

The river blessing has been a news item in the past and I’m including a link to a story written up just a few years ago.

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