June Update

June has been a great month.

Early in June, we were happy to see Vern & Cindy Wilkinson and Craig & Lani Norwood. Twice a year, Village Missions district representatives visit every missionary. We wanted to introduce these couples to as many Nenanans as we could, so we hosted a community picnic.

We had a great turn out. The local chief was able to come and I was able to introduce Vern & Craig to him. Our friends, Miles & Irene, brought bear and moose to grill. We had salmon courtesy of our neighbor’s the Pierce’s. There were plenty of hamburgers and hot dogs, Bonnie’s famous apple pie – and so many others brought so much – so thanks to our friends and neighbors.

The whole family was able to visit good friends from Nenana – but in Anchorage. The husband is undergoing treatment for cancer – and they have been in Anchorage for a lot of weeks. We miss them a lot. It was good to go down for a few days and spend some time with them. We went to encourage them – but they are such wonderful people – we came away encouraged ourselves.

June is also camp month. Ethan has been to camp and Aerin is currently there. Both the kids attend Camp Li-Wa. Camp Li-Wa is an incredible camp and we strongly recommend it. The camp has a long history with Nenana Community Church – especially through our youth pastor. His kids have attended the camp, and one son has spent several summers volunteering his time to that camp and others in the same ministry organization.

In other camp news, one of the church families was able to volunteer time at Kokrine Hills Bible camp – a camp that is off the road system. Check this link for news from Kokrine Hills including pictures.

So the summer in Alaska is off to a great start. Still, summer can seem very short in Alaska. Thanks to all of our supporters – your prayers and financial support enable us to live and minister here. We feel so very blessed to have you as partners as we serve the Lord and serve the people in Nenana.

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