Blessed Time Off

Summer is a time of hectic activity in Alaska. There is so much to get done, but our summers can be so short. Additional ministry opportunities and more community events add to the list of summer activities. We enjoy the active pace of Nenana, but need a break every now and then.

Rebecca planned a 2 day get-away and we just got back. We had a blessed time. The kids got a break too. Aerin spent the time with her best friend and her family (as did our our dog Maggie.) Ethan had fun at the Blair’s (and I hear the kids got together to make a Lego city.) Rebecca and I spent our time at a nice little place in Fairbanks called the 7 Gables Inn. The inn was lovely – quite homey and serves a nice breakfast.

Rebecca and I enjoyed our time away. We tried some new restaurants and visited some old favorites. We spent our days having fun without over-planning. We watched a few movies and visited our favorite bookstore. We especially enjoyed time as a couple, knowing our kidlets were in good hands.

Our time off was restful and we feel blessed. I especially feel energized and ready to plunge back into Nenana and all her activities.

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