Ministry of Help

While many Christians enjoy the blessings of serving others, we need to allow ourselves to be ministered to as well. When we fail to allow others to minister to us, we rob them of the joy of service and ourselves of enjoying being a part of the body of Christ. Today, the Troxels enjoyed being a part of the joy of a ministry team in Nenana.

The team is part of Global Expeditions: Teen Mania. The team was: Mark, Callie, Lydia, Robin (and Jimmy and Tana came by too.)

Today, they are serving us by painting our deck. The deck was recently repaired by our awesome landlords. I volunteered to paint the deck again. However, summer is a busy time and I had yet to get around to putting my paint brush to work. So, today several brushes are making lighter work.

I too get to enjoy a bit of ministry in this. I love running the grill. So today, I get to feed my new friends some grilled salmon, some real sourdough bread as well as some veggies and cool aid.

What an incredible blessing to be part of the family of God! What a blessing to be served by young people who long to serve their Risen Lord by serving his people! Don’t rob yourself or others of such blessings. Serve and be willing to be served.

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