August Update

Wow, the seasons seem to be speeding right along. Summer is essentially over in Nenana. The leaves are turning golden and already have started to fall. The night time temperatures are already threatening our first frost. Another strong indicator of the new season is seen in preparations for the new school year and for our AWANA program.

August 15th marked our 3 year anniversary in Nenana. One friend commented that it seemed as if we had belonged to the town for much longer than a mere three years. We feel the same way. Nenana is our home and we love being here. We are so very thankful to God for sending our family to this wonderful place and among such wonderful people. Part of the celebration was a day long potluck. We had a great lunch and then spent the afternoon enjoying the good company. The evening ended with a waffle supper.

For Rebecca the month has proven quite busy. In addition to being a wonderful help meet as a wife and a caring mom, she also is now a travel agent. The family will be traveling to California for some vacation and finish a 3 week trip with a Village Missions conference. She is getting the plane and train tickets worked out. She has also planned special events for every member of the family.

Rebecca is also spending a goodly amount of time canning. Food in Alaska can be quite expensive. By harvesting garden produce and canning it, we will have a nice larder laid back for the winter months. Rebecca’s chickens are now almost to maturity and we can expect eggs within the next few weeks.

Aerin turned 12 this month – her favorite gift was an i-pod touch. We look at her and in one sense see a little toddler. Then we realize how fast she has grown and are amazed at how fast it has gone. She is a great daughter and is a dedicated believer. She may begin to minister in AWANA now that she has graduated from it. In extra special news, she has gotten braces. One more way that she looks more the young lady than the toddler.

Ethan is turning into quite the handyman. With little help from dad, he has crafted quite the tree house. He built it from parts from a neighbor who is doing some house construction. The tree house comes complete with rope ladder and an elevator of sorts – a bucket, a pulley and a rope to haul up supplies. In addition to building, he is often seen buzzing around town on an electric scooter.

Bill turned 37 this month – one of his favorite gifts was a set of Bible commentaries written by John Calvin. He has taken up pistol shooting as a hobby. His friend Lynn was a military pistol instructor and they are enjoying time together with several other men in the church at the local range. This fall, Bill is the new AWANA commander and is looking forward to the experience.

In other news, school starts tomorrow (Wednesday the 1st of September.) The kids are excited. Aerin begins junior high and Ethan is in 4th grade. All of the extracurricular activities are starting up and it will prove to be a busy school year.

Also, for those who prayed and have been praying concerning the miscarriage last February – please continue to pray as we hope to have good news this autumn that the Lord has blessed us with another little one.

Let me say thanks once again to all who support us – our family, friends, and church. We feel well cared for and very much loved. The Lord has abundantly blessed us with a wonderful network of support for which we always thank him and we also thank you.

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