Pray for Us

Please pray for the Troxel family this week. Friday, September 10th is the due date for baby Troxel. However, due to a miscarriage, the day is only a reminder of our loss.

These next few days will be especially difficult for Rebecca. Not only is she reminded of our loss by a date, but several ladies in our town were due to deliver about this time. We are getting announcements of several healthy births, for which we thank God. We do our best to rejoice with others.

Rebecca will be spending time with a very good friend this weekend at a quilt festival in Valdez. I am thankful for a chance for her to get away and enjoy good fellowship and her favorite hobby. Pray for her peace of mind, her rest, safe travel and lot’s of fun.

Also pray for another little Troxel. We are hoping to have good news of such within the next few months.

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One response to “Pray for Us

  1. Dear Bill and family, I am sorry about all your setbacks and will pray for you all and for a new baby! Take care, your penpal, Johan Beukes.

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