Update & Prayer Request

I wanted to add a few updates as well as an additional prayer request.

Update #1

Rebecca has returned from the Valdez Quilt Festival. She had a wonderful time. The weather was good and the quilting was great and the fellowship was blessed. I am very thankful for her friend Mary. She is a wonderful lady, but even more, she is a very good friend to Rebecca. I would imagine that pictures and additional information will soon be available on Rebecca’s quilting blog: Rebecca’s Retreat.

Update #2

The AWANA Ministry Conference for Interior Alaska was held this last Saturday. Many thanks to Bethel Church for hosting it and to Dan & Geraldine Bylsma (and many others) for the efforts necessary for such a blessed time.

The conference was a video simulcast from AWANA headquarters with some additional classes offered locally. We were also able to purchase some necessary items for our local club including some new lesson plans and handbooks. I have the privilege of being the commander and games leader this year and was able to buy some resources as well as get classroom training for running the games well.

Prayer Request

As many know, I have an autoimmune disease that affects my liver. There are many challenges that this condition has brought. Currently, I am fighting a bacterial infection in my bile ducts. These are quite painful and rather dangerous. Praise be to God that I am already beginning to mend.

The infection set in last Wednesday and became more difficult over the next few days. On Sunday, I was feeling rather sick – but one of the blessings I enjoy as a pastor is that when I begin to minister the Scriptures, I begin to feel so good that I forget for a time that I am sick at all.

At any rate, the infection reached its height yesterday and my fever peaked late last night. I am not allowed to take antibiotics for the infections unless the fever reaches a certain point – as the doctors fear what may happen if I become resistant to treatment. The folks at church have been wonderful as they have cared for me and prayed for me. I now feel more up to sending out a general prayer request to all of our friends, family and supporters.

Pray for the pain and for the fever. Pray that I remain joyful and a good witness of the glory of God in every situation. He is so very good to me. Pray for strength for the remainder of this week as I will be preparing my sermon for Sunday and hope to be in good shape to enjoy the festivities here in town on Friday.

This Friday is an event celebrating national sobriety month and encouraging those who deal with drugs and alcohol to reach out for help. I am going to be in the parade and hope to have photos or even a video posted here for you all to enjoy.

Again, my personal thanks for your prayers and financial support. We are so grateful for the privilege to serve God by serving the folks of Nenana. We are truly blessed to live and minister here.

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