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Thank you all for your prayers. Please keep praying.

The latest news from going to the hospital:

I did indeed have an infection and was running a fever of 103 and experiencing quite a bit of pain and nausea. The blood results came back that it was not a liver specific infection but it was seriously impacting my liver condition. I was given fluids and medication for both the nausea and pain.

While I was getting poked and tested and taped, the nurses and blood tech commented on my positive attitude and sense of humor. I told them that as a Christian I preferred a joyful response. One of the nurses was a Christian and said that definitely explained my good attitude and friendliness. Praise the Lord, I was able to bear witness to his grace even in the midst of illness.

The doctor also ordered a CT scan. I need these periodically to monitor my bile ducts for a cancerous growth called a cholangiocarcinoma. There was none. I always breathe a sigh of relief when the news comes back “all clear.” The additional fluids and medication really improved my situation and the doctor felt comfortable sending me home after I filled several prescriptions.

At home, the nausea and pain medication continued to help. I was able to get re-hydrated. I am needing a lot of rest, and am getting the best of care from Rebecca and the kids.

Again, thanks for the prayers and please continue to pray. I will be easily tired and a bit frazzled for several more days before I can get back on track. The grace and mercy of God are my constant resourse and his joy is my strength.

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