September Update

Fall seems past and winter upon us. The temperatures in Nenana are below freezing at night and not much warmer during the day. We have had our first snowfall of the year, but it was light and has mostly melted away. In a short time we will have snow sticking until next spring.

September has Aerin and Ethan back in school. Aerin is in junior high now and has new braces. In her father’s mind she is still toddling around with baby curls, but she has grown into a young lady seemingly overnight. She is now a leader in training (LIT) in our AWANA program and doing very well. Ethan is busy figuring out what he wants to do for the science fair. His mechanical mind is looking at some means to use gears and create a display showing the different ways they can be used.

Rebecca had a great time at the Valdez quilt festival with her good friend Mary. They enjoyed some ladies only time. Rebecca was really busy this month planning a family vacation in California and Washington. We have a missions conference to attend soon in Washington so we have saved up some money to take a vacation and take the kids to Disneyland.

Rebecca appreciated all the prayers as this month marked the due date for the baby that miscarried last February. However, we still intend to add to the number of Troxel’s in the world and we hope to share good news with everyone perhaps in the months to come.

Rebecca is back as secretary of our AWANA program. She keeps the club running smoothly and the commander (me) would not want to do without her help. She has already found some new and fun things for our club and we expect to have them shipped to us any day.

I am the new commander and game leader for our AWANA club. My joy as commander is seeing the AWANA leaders and LITs (leaders in training) busy working with the little ones. All of my AWANA workers are a joy to work with and take their ministry to kids to heart. As game leader, I am having a blast. Our two main rules for games is 1. to have fun and 2. to make lots of noise. At an AWANA workshop, we were reminded that when kids can exercise several major muscle groups it helps them stay focused and alert for story time and helps them memorize verses better. My personal assistant/LIT, Leon, is a big help and it is a joy to work with this young man.

Other big events this month included a city wide celebration of national sobriety month. Alcohol and drug addiction impacts many rural areas, so local citizens take this time to celebrate those who have become sober and to encourage others. The town event is called “Dancing in the Streets.” The main host is Railbelt Mental Health and Addictions (a wonderful office full of people who offer counseling services to the entire area.) The point person was Maryellen and she did a bang up job organizing the event.

The motto for Dancing in the Streets this year was “Mooving into Recovery.” The moos were supplied by a local cow with the motto emblazoned on a sign she wore. The event coordinators also wanted someone to wear a cow costume in the parade and that honor was mine.

Check out the pictures

Also this month, my health was a little rocky with my liver condition. Thank you for the prayers. I am feeling much better now. Praise be to God!

As always, we are so thankful to God for calling us to serve him by serving the people of Nenana Community Church and living in the wonderful town of Nenana. Thank you to our financial and prayer supporters. You are our partners in the work of the Lord. Thank you to the church – you folks are a blessing to us and we hope we are a blessing in return. Thank you to Nenana – we love where we live and thank God for Nenana and all who live here.

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