Pastor Appreciation

October is Pastor Appreciation Month.

First, let me be clear. I feel appreciated far more often than once a year. The folks in the church and many folks around town regularly encourage me (and the rest of the family.) Especially in this last year, the various challenges (miscarriage and my health situation) have proved time and again how much and how well I am cared for by the Nenana Community Church and Nenana.

Now on to our local celebration of this month. The folks here decided to put a substantial sum toward our vacation which begins today. I was left speechless which those who know me also know that doesn’t happen too often. We also received a card with lots of handwritten notes of encouragement inside.

This being the first Sunday of the month, we celebrated the Lord’s Supper. After the service we moved on to the Bennett’s for a potluck. So, we got to spend the day in fellowship. We rounded out the day with a waffle supper complete with bacon, sausage and fresh eggs from our chickens.

We are so very blessed to serve here in Nenana and feel the warmth of the Christian family we enjoy here. Thank you folks for who you are as well as the encouragement you bring everyday and the gift you gave us today.

Also thanks to Innoko & family for taking care of our little dog Maggie while we are away. Thanks to Gabrielle our housesitter too. I will keep everyone up to date on how things go as we enjoy a time of rest and refreshment.

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