Vacation Adventures

We have arrived safely in Los Angeles and have already had some adventures.

The drive to Anchorage went without any hitch. We enjoyed time together with Rebecca’s grandma and called it a day. The plane trips (one to Seattle and the other to Anaheim) were smooth and blessedly uneventful. Then the adventures began.

We were picked up at the airport by a limousine. Rebecca found a great deal on the limo since we were arriving mid-week. The cost was less than the fees we would have had to pay for the airport shuttle for the four of us. The limo driver got us inside and then proceeded to put our bags in the back. Upon arriving at the hotel, we discovered that he had left Rebecca’s bag on the curb.

In the midst of trying to check into the hotel and also calling the airport to see about the bag, we started another adventure. Our bank cards were due to expire while we were traveling, so we had new ones issued before we left. We had been using the new cards for several days, but when the limo driver tried to charge the card, the card was inactive. Rebecca called the bank, but could not get it sorted out. Fortunately, God knows our needs before we do. The gift of monies for our vacation from the church paid the fees we owed (with money to spare – thank you Lord and thank you Nenana Community Church.)

We ended up taking the limo back to the airport. We had no luck reaching anyone by phone, so we hoped we could in person. While praying for the bag to be there, the security staff at the airport had already searched the bag. Upon seeing Rebecca’s medication bottles, they decided to not ship it out to their storage area. They felt the owner would be back soon. We were and we got the bag.

After that excitement, we decided to take a quick tour. The limo driver to us to Graumann’s Chinese Theater. We walked up and down Hollywood Boulevard looking at sidewalk stars. My love of old movies was obvious. I was more excited over stars like John Wayne, James Garner, Jimmy Stewart and Audie Murphy. What a blast!

Upon returning to the hotel we had yet another adventure. I was missing my wallet. A quick search of the limo showed no wallet. A search of our room ended the same. Just then our room phone buzzed. The front desk had my wallet. When we used cash to pay for the limo, I left my wallet in the main office. Another guest found it and turned it in. Thank you Lord for your care and for honest people.

After so many adventures, we locked ourselves in our room for the night.

This morning, it is raining and the forecast says it will rain all day. So we have decided to put off Disneyland for one day and go to a museum we had planned on seeing Friday. Our two day pass at Disneyland will be just as good for Thursday and Friday. Furthermore, we got the bank on the phone this morning and got our bank card situation straightened out.

So we are praying for fun, but a little less adventure for today.

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