Family Prayer

Hello all. I come before you needy. The Bible commands us to bear one another’s burdens and we are bearing a burden for a dear family member. We are asking folks to go before the Lord with us asking for His guidance, care, provision, and saving love for five dear people.

I received a call from my mom this morning about a sick family member. She was unsure the name of the condition, but it first affects the eyes, causing the muscles to keep the lids closed. From there is proceeds throughout the body leading to paralysis. The paralysis can lead to a wheelchair or being bedridden or could end in death.

There is one medical procedure that may cure the illness. The process is surgical and can be quite painful in recovery. If the procedure fails, there is no further treatment available. I am asking for prayer for the whole family.

My cousin’s wife Amy – the lady with the medical issue – for healing. Who knows the body better than the One who made it? Pray that He is at work in her body and guides and directs the doctors and surgeons.

My cousin Jason – pray for him as he comforts his wife and kids, but also he needs comfort. Pray for the Comforter to make God’s continuous presence felt. Pray for strength as he will need to lean heavily upon the Lord as he leads his family through this

My cousin’s kids (three of them) – for peace of mind and comfort as they endure everything happening to their mom

Thanks everyone. I will post an update when I have further news.

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