Mountain Retreat

The Troxels have just finished a wonderful mountain cabin retreat.

Last Sunday, we were to meet up with the brother of one of our congregants at New Song Church. We arrived in time for the second service. Right away, we found a lady named Rachel to show us around. We were given a tasty breakfast and introduced to the senior pastor. Ethan went off for a service for elementary age kids. Aerin, Rebecca, and I went to the main service.

The service began and we worshiped the Lord in song and through the preaching of the Word. During the service, a time was set aside for meeting and greeting folks. We were made right at home. The family of God allows us to enjoy fellowship wherever we go.

Following the service, we met up with Art, the aforementioned brother. He had keys, directions, and bedding for us. We hit the road and traveled to Crestline, California. After coming into Crestline, we found “The Cabin.” It was perfect! Art had been there a few days before and had everything ready for us. We got our gear settled in and made a trip to the local grocery.

Over the next few days, we enjoyed a little rest and a whole lot of nothing – we did the nothing very well. We had a few naps. We read more than a few books. We hit the local lake twice. The first time involved pedal boats and the second was a motor boat. We also managed to fit in some bowling and some hiking.

The time at the cabin ended this morning. We started by having a small church service right at home. There were some hymnals there and I had prepared a message from Psalm 1. We got the cabin cleaned up and hit the highway again. We arrived in downtown LA so that we can head out tomorrow morning on the train to Redding. We continue to have a great time and are very thankful for the prayers of you our friends and family.

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