Roadblock in Redding

We have arrived in Redding California!

The train trip was long but a lot of fun. The Coast Starlight train took us north with a great view of the ocean and farmland. We were comfortable in the coach cars and enjoyed eating in the dining car. Books, mp3 players, and I-pods kept us entertained.

We arrived in Redding this morning at 3 a.m. We walked several blocks to our hotel and eventually got to sleep again. When we got up we took the kids down the block for donuts. After breakfast, Rebecca called the rental car company for a ride from the hotel to their office.

After waiting for far longer than we were told we would wait, Rebecca called them again. It turns out that while they have had our payment information for weeks, they do not rent cars on bank debit cards. They require a credit card, but we don’t use credit of any kind. They gave us the number of the only rental company that allowed debit cards.

Rebecca called the referred company and discovered that they required a California driver license to rent a car. Fortunately, I was speaking with our friends the Hayeks on another phone. Tricia is our hero. She is driving 2 hours from his home to Redding to pick us up. Even more, they are giving us use of another vehicle they have. Thank you God for your provision! Thank you Hayeks for ministering to our needs.

While in and around Redding, we will be visiting the Redwoods and may be taking a tour of a local cave system.

For now, while we wait for Tricia to come to our aid, we are going to the mall. The kids have chosen vacation to outgrow their shoes. Seems they get bigger while our backs are turned. So we will be getting them some new shoes this morning.

Friends and family, we have been having a great time of rest and refreshment. We have enjoyed safety in our Father’s care. Please pray with us for continued rest and for fun and for safe deliverance to the conference and back to our home and church family.

Also, please join us in prayer for the Lord family. Willie Lord is the chief of the village of Nenana. His sister passed away and the funeral service is this weekend. Also pray for the folks of Nenana Community Church that they have opportunities to minister comfort to Willie and the rest of the family.

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One response to “Roadblock in Redding

  1. Linda Lubbesmeyer

    Have a wonderful time in CA, y’all. We were there in Sept, and enjoyed the beauty immensely. We were at the Redwoods a few years ago and really loved that time. Praying for you and your ministry!!

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