Big Foot & Redwoods

Our time with the Hayeks in Willow Creek was a blast. But before I add anymore, let me request some prayer for a dear family. The mom in this family is battling cancer. Her name is Carole. Please be praying for a miracluous healing. Also, pray for strength and comfort for mom, dad, and all the kids. This family has been dear to me for years and the son is a very good friend to me. The whole family has been a blessing to me and I pray for God’s special blessing for them in this time.


Our trip to Willow Creek and the fun we had with our friends was very restful. They fed us the best of food and loaned us a car after our roadblock in Redding. Our time there included a trip to the Redwoods. We were able to do some hiking and we were awed by the size of these trees. We also got to drive through a redwood tree.

We also got to go to the Bigfoot Museum in Willow Creek. After the museum, we spotted a Schwann’s truck, something you don’t see in Alaska. We bought some boxes of ice cream to share with our friends.

We left Willow Creek on Friday evening. Jeremy and the two eldest boys came along. We went hamster shopping with the eldest son. Then we all went to In & Out Burger. We were told that this was a must do in experiencing Californian culture. Finally we checked into a hotel.

We left this morning early to catch our 3 a.m. train to Kelso, Washington. We will arrive by 5:15 p.m. to be met by fellow Village Missionaries, the Gustafsons. We will be worshiping with them on Sunday morning at Clover Valley Community Church. After this we will catch a ride with our friends the Hargroves to the conference.

We continue to be rested and refreshed. We also have enjoyed wonderful weather and safety in all our travels. We praise the Lord for this and pray (and ask you to join us in prayer) for continued safety all the way back home to Nenana. We should be in our own home by October 29th.

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