Safe at Home

We are safely in Nenana.

Our flight left Portland about 9:15 p.m. Pacific time. We arrived in Anchorage a little after midnight AK time. We got our bags and headed off to our car and tried to decide whether to stay in Anchorage for the night or head home. There were some reports of bad weather that could move in and so we headed for Nenana. Either I heard wrong or the weather reports were wrong. Bad weather was already covering a pretty big stretch of the highway. We left Anchorage at 1:30 a.m. and arrived in Nenana at 10 a.m. Our 6 hour drive became a little more than 8 hours.

We got home and promptly reacquainted ourselves with our beds. After a heavy sleep we were up and around as the kids wanted to go to the Halloween carnival. During this time, Ethan complained of a blister on the bottom of his foot. As he had new shoes, we thought little of it. After the carnival, that blister was not alone. Ethan had chickenpox.

Aerin was off with friends doing a sleep over. Unbeknown to us, she was developing blisters too. Both kids have been immunized and the outbreaks seem mild. However, Dad has never had chickenpox. We are waiting prayerfully, asking God to protect Dad from his own outbreak.

Throughout Saturday we had been reconnecting with folks and it was good to be home and spending time with friends again. Speaking of time with friends, Rebecca and I enjoyed a bonfire party at the Adams’ home Saturday night. Lots of good food (and some to bring home) as well as the warmth of the fire.

The kids are out of school for a while longer. I will be back at AWANA today leading games. Life in Nenana is so good. Once again, thanks to everyone for praying for our safety. The Lord delivered us back to our home in Nenana. Please join with us now in prayer for the kids and for Dad – concerning the chicken pox.

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