Long Summer Days

Summer is long on daylight, but short on time. Many things have to get done within just a few short months before winter sets in and the thermometer reads 40 below.

Rebecca wanted a garden last year. Emily’s arrival and time in the hospital rearranged our schedule. This year, Rebecca has vegetables started in several compost heaps. The plants are looking good, but she has plans for next year that need work this year. She has read about “square foot gardening.” The process looks very promising. We need to build the frames for the garden this year to be ready in time next spring.

Project Overhaul is a ministry of our friends, the Bennett’s. The Bennett’s arrange for groups to help clean up yards and haul away refuse. The goal is to help folks be proud of where we live and make the village even more attractive. The last work crew had 9 people aged 10 to 82. A nice long day of work ended with free lunch.

The family also enjoys taking long walks in the evening. We get a chance to stretch our legs, walk the dogs, and visit with folks as e cross paths. Thirty minute strolls have a way of becoming 2 hour blocks of time. We see the hand of God at work making appointments for us as we meet up with friends and neighbors for a little fellowship. We even get our exercise at the same time.

There are a couple of items, we ask you for prayer:

First, we are outgrowing our car. Our vehicle seats 2 in the front and 3 in the back. The back seat is a bit tight with a car seat, 11 year old, and soon to be 14 year old. Also, we are hopeful that we will be blessed with another little one. There is no positive news yet, but maybe soon! So, we are tightly packed now and a new baby would fill our car to overflowing. A vehicle also has to be suited to harsh driving conditions with long and cold winters as well as reasonable mileage for the distances we must travel. Please pray for the right vehicle without going into debt.

Second, the church is full. We have 45 seats and 40+ people filling them. We arranged seats differently and think we can fit in a few more. Some may remember that we rent our meeting place. We are blessed to have such a great relationship with the senior center, but we are praying for the funds and materials to build our own church. We have a piece of land and some money raised, but only enough to prepare the property and pour a slab. Recently, a visitor from another church in Alaska offered to donate some lumber when the time is right. Please pray for the Lord’s provision to build a church debt free.

As always, thank you for your many prayers and your financial support. Our ability to minister to God’s people is because of your partnership with us. Thank you for being co-laborers with us as we seek to glorify God in service.

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