Wildfire in Alaska

Good Monday family  friends.

On Saturday we enjoyed a very nice rain.  Our garden was very happy.  As a family, we heard some thunder which isn’t as common here as in the Midwest where I grew up.  Unfortunately, thunder means lightning and lightning means wildfires in a place as dry as the interior can be.

Several smaller fires merged into one 20-30 miles from Nenana and 4 miles from our only highway.  The wind is blowing this way.  Last night, we could smell smoke on the wind and our clouds looked like smog.

There are many brave volunteer firefighters and fire jumpers on the scene.  They had the fire under control until a brisk wind picked up and pushed it closer to Nenana still.  The article in the Fairbanks paper can be found by clicking the following link:


Please pray for the safety of the men and women trying to put out the fire.  Also pray for the safety of the folks who live in the path of the fire.  One area has been asked to evacuate.  Please pray for the town and people of Nenana.  The fire is not that far away.

Also join us in trusting God.  He is sovereign over all things, including this fire.

Thank as always for your prayer and financial support.  I hope you understand how large a part of our lives and ministry you truly are.


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