July 2012 Update

August is here already and it seems that autumn is too close.

The month of July saw many fun times with Emily.  She is now walking everywhere.  She totters about and mostly doesn’t fall down.  However, if she does, she no longer needs something to pull herself up.  She now can stand on her own from a seated position.  Also, in the past few days, she has started making baby signs to us.  Her two signs are “want” and “nurse”.  Sometimes we aren’t sure what she wants, but she keeps signing until we figure it out.

Ethan spent much of the month being a boy outside.  Our temperatures have been far more mild than what many of you may have seen in the lower 48.  He has some neighborhood friends and they disappear into whatever play world their imaginations can create.  He and I have taken to throwing a football around.  I won it at a community meeting.  It took me awhile to remember how to throw a good spiral.  Ethan caught right on.  So we find ourselves playing catch and just enjoying one another.

Aerin was able to go to horse camp at Camp Li-Wa outside of Fairbanks.  In addition to basic Christian camping, she received instruction on riding and care for horses.  We missed her that week, but at almost 14, I think horses may have been all the proof she needed against homesickness.

Rebecca is quite the gardener.  This started 5 years ago when cleaning up the yard at the parsonage.  The yard had little good soil for a garden, so we began composting all the yard trimmings and leaves.  We have our chickens now and they contribute in their own way to our soil.  This summer, Rebecca made several planters filled with her own composted soil.  We are now getting greens and zucchini and some green beans.  Voles ate our broccoli.  We are eagerly awaiting tomatoes and carrots.  We get fresh eggs every morning and fresh produce every day.

We have also added to our produce with the help of friends who farm locally.  They call us up when things are ready and we go out and pick it.  Their prices are much better than Fairbanks and much tastier too.

Bill has had several chances to minister to folks in need.  Much of this has been some pastoral care.  Substance abuse here is so terrible as we’re sure it is everywhere.  In the face of such great need we share the good news of Jesus Christ and offer whatever help we can provide.

We hope to take vacation in state at the end of August or start of September.  We have typically spent vacation in the lower 48, but decided to stay here this time.  So many people save their whole lives to see the beauty of where we live.  So we hope to travel a bit and see many friends around Alaska.

For your consideration and prayer:

Recently, several families have experienced great grief in the loss of loved ones.  A local man passed away suddenly.  A young woman was killed in a tragic accident.  A friend had to fly out of state at his mother’s passing.  Please pray for these families.  Pray for their comfort and the peace of God.  Pray that they grow closer to him.  Pray that our family and others minister well to them in their grief.

Also, please continue with us in prayer as we look ahead to our baby coming this winter.  Rebecca has a doctor’s appointment coming up.  Pray for a good pregnancy and healthy birth.  Please pray too as we are in need of a vehicle that can seat the entire family.  Our current car seats five, but the next baby makes six and car seats are often bulky.

Thank you so much for all of your support in finances, prayer and love.



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