June 2013

Greetings from Nenana,

Thank you all for your continued support.  Without your prayers and financial gifts, we could not hope for the same impact in ministering here in Nenana.

This winter has brought some exciting changes for our family.  The littlest Troxel is no longer our big girl Emily.  In February, William Earnest Scott Troxel was born.  His birth was much calmer than Emily’s.  We were able to come home and settle in quickly.


That is just the start of the news:

From Bill:

This winter I was accepted as a volunteer at the Nenana Volunteer Fire Department.  My first duty was to drive the ambulance which remains a large part of my service.  I have now been certified by Alaska as an Emergency Trauma Technician.  An ETT is the entry level into EMS.  After some time in the field, I will be able to pursue certification as an EMT.

I have also begun the application process for the state chaplaincy association.  That organization will help train and certify me in a variety of ways of providing spiritual and emotional care to fellow Firefighters/EMS and also to the lives we touch.

Volunteer work of this kind helps me meet immediate, physical needs of friends, neighbors, and passersby.  Sometimes the opportunities provided don’t come in an ambulance, but have come right to my front door seeking physical help. 

Thanks to the excellent team atmosphere and quality leadership, I am learning new things and making new friendships while being blessed with new opportunities to minister.

From Rebecca:

Rebecca is kept busy by the little ones, keeping home, and urban farming with her gardens and chickens. She is expecting a harvest of broccoli, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, squash and peas. The chickens are laying about a dozen eggs a day.

The chickens are an unusual ministry opportunity.  Unusual in the sense that, how do chickens even help in ministry?  We have neighbors who come by to see the chickens and also stop to chat with the friendly lady who owns the chickens.  Rebecca has been able to develop and deepen friendships over the clucking of her birds.

From Aerin:

Aerin is finishing up freshman year, she took some really intense classes. She enjoyed a trip to Cordova for MusicFest this spring. The Nenana band took first place in the region. She plays the trombone. She is looking forward to playing soccer in the fall.

Aerin got her first part time job in part as a work study in homeschool.  The job was for a local civic group that hires many locals.  Aerin was one of a very few that showed up for work every day and received a bonus.

From Ethan:

Ethan finished home school a little early this year, all done well. As a sixth grader he finished a high school electronics class with a 92%. He enjoyed his birthday party where we shot off solid fuel rockets. He has been busy riding his new bike this summer.

Ethan and dad just got back from a short camping trip.  We managed to survive the hordes of mosquitos.  We were both glad to get back to our beds.

About Emily:

Emily is our golden and curly haired joy.  She has a new found love for trains.  Every time she hears the whistle, she “ooooohs” at us until she is led outside to watch the train pass by.  She enjoys tea parties of tap water and cereal snacks.  She is full of smiles and hugs.  She isn’t sure about having bed time when it’s still light outside, but with our daylight, that is understandable/

About William:

William likes to coo and smile at whoever is holding him.  He has recently found his fingers and evidently they are tasty.  He has a full head of hair that can be parted and combed. 


In just a few short weeks, Nenana will host a first ever (and hopefully the first of an annual tradition) Gospel Music Festival.  Last year, a musician family happened to pass through town and make connections with the church.  I invited them to play special music on Sunday.  Later, they shared a vision of this music festival.  A lady in the church has done the lion’s share of planning and organizing.  She has a real gift and is always an enormous help to our whole family.  The weekend following the Fourth of July, we hope to see the town packed for Gospel music and Gospel messages.  That Sunday, I will be able to preach an open service to all attendees.

Once again, thank you for your continued support.  Because of you, we are able to minister full time in Nenana.


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