July 2013

June was an exciting month!

The Troxels are moving to a new house in Nenana. On Father’s Day, the head elder suggested a newly available house for rent. The old house has been a real blessing, but the space has gotten a bit tighter with Emily and William. The new house has kids’ bedrooms twice the size of the old house.

The new house also has a much larger kitchen and dining room. We are looking forward to having the space to fit all six of us around the dinner table as the little ones grow. The yard is quite large with room for raised garden beds and it has a greenhouse as part of the property.

Our mailing address remains the same (PO Box 289 Nenana, AK 99760). Our physical address is now 112 7th Street.

July is looking to be exciting too. The last few days of June, we have been preparing for the first ever Gospel Music Festival in Nenana. Nenana Community Church is the primary sponsor. Our friend Jeannie Bennett has taken the lion’s share of the work and organized a great event. The festival is 7/5-7/6 and the weekend is rounded out with a community wide worship service on Sunday with Bill bringing the message.

Is that a fire over my shoulder?

Is that a fire over my shoulder?

Bill’s News:

Another exciting adventure was Bill’s first time working a wild fire. Late evening on June 20th, multiple lightning strikes started multiple fires that combined into a large blaze on Clear Air Force Base. Nenana Fire was requested to supply mutual aid. Bill got to work with his friend Adam hauling water to within a few hundred yards of the fire to tanks used by fire jumpers to run fire house. A photo was uploaded to Bill’s Facebook account.

Bill is working with a state organization to receive chaplain training with the fire department. The association will help locate and provide training to better serve the needs of the men and women who work and volunteer at the Nenana Volunteer Fire Department.

Rebecca’s News:

Rebecca’s garden is really growing. She constructed several raised bed and filled them with compost from the chickens. A local farmer claims that Rebecca’s plots are the best looking in Nenana. We have already been munching on fresh produce and look forward to even more.

Rebecca’s chickens have temporarily moved into a dog run until we can arrange to move the coop from the old house to our new place. We got to chase some chickens after finding holes in the dog run that Rebecca blocked with new chicken wire.

Rebecca is settling in to the new house. She loves all the cupboard space and the extra room in the kitchen. She transplanted the garden to the new house and all is doing well.


Aerin is finishing up the school year, and looking forward to being staff at Camp Li-Wa for two weeks at the end of July.

Ethan went to bible camp this month. He had a blast and came home with almost no voice from all the camp fun. Ethan enjoyed camp this year. We are now living next door to his best friends and they are having a grand time with it.


Emily is busy and loves to go outside and visit the garden and chickens. She loves to pick up rocks. She is also learning to throw, which makes the love for rocks a little troubling at times.


William is starting to roll over and make lots of cooing noises. He is a happy baby. When he remembers someone is holding him, he makes eye contact and smiles as wide as his mouth allows. He has found his feet and enjoys trying to bite his own toes.


As mentioned, the First Ever Nenana Gospel Music Festival is just around the corner. We will have details with the next update.

Summer is in full swing. The weather has been hot (for Alaska) and dry. There remains the ever present threat of wild fires. Several fires are active relatively nearby. We are praying for safety for the town and for friends up and down the highway.

Nenana is the home to Voice for Christ Ministries, a radio organization with three physical stations and a lot of repeaters. Through VFCM, many areas receive Christian music and Gospel preaching programs. Art Thompson, a Nenana Community Church Elder, has been appointed general director of VFCM. Please pray for him in his new responsibilities. There may be opportunities for further involvement with the radio station including broadcasting Nenana Community Church sermons.

Thanks as always for your continued support. Your financial gifts and regular prayers are truly appreciated. We are so glad to have you all join with us in the Lord’s work in rural Alaska.


3 responses to “July 2013

  1. Great to hear about your new house!

  2. So exciting, Bill! Thanks for the update and tell Rebecca “hi”!

  3. Tricia Hayek

    Sorry, this is Tricia!

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