September 2013

Troxel Update:

bill fishing 3

August has come and gone so quickly.  Here in Nenana, leaves are turning gold and fall has come.  We had our first frost.  It was light, but there is no doubt that our winter is just around the corner.

We celebrated our sixth year in Nenana.  We love Nenana more each year.  The summer is short and the winter is long, but life and ministry are good and continuing.  School has started up and the kids are enjoying time with their friends and playing in the school band.  The garden has overflowed with bounty and we are enjoying the fruits of Rebecca’s work.  She brought in most of the garden goodies after the light frost.

Coming up in just a few days, Rebecca and Bill will be taking a vacation without the kids.  We have been blessed to receive 5 day cruise in the San Juan Islands (Washington coast) from a Christian business seeking to bless missionaries and pastors.  The older kids will hold down the fort and care for the animals.  Emily and Billy will be staying with Papa Rob and Grandma Jeannie.  We pray for a good time for parents and children.

From Bill:

Ethan and I were invited to go fishing with good friends.  Joe and Kelly took a family boat down to Valdez and we fished for silver salmon in Prince William Sound.  The time also marked the celebration of my 40th birthday.

Our week long trip netted 55 salmon.  We had to duct tape the freezer door closed to store all the salmon.  They ran from 7 to 16 pounds.  Each one was a fight and a joy to get on board.  Those salmon will provide meals for all our families this winter.

bill fishing  bill fishing 2

There was one downside to the fishing trip.  My Bible was soaked and the binding fell apart.  I placed in near where I slept, but the window there had a slight leak.  It soaked up water during the night and all the next day.  When I came back from fishing, I discovered the loss.  Now that I have turned 40, I am thinking my next Bible may need to be a larger lined up

Late in September, l will go moose hunting with Joe and our friend Adam.  We pray for a good harvest, Alaska style.  A good sized moose will keep us in meat all year.


I brought in many large tomatoes after the first couple of frosts. There are still potatoes in the ground. I am anticipating the smell of cranberries. I am looking forward to vacation. I need to work on getting the chicken yard fenced in before the snow falls, and get the chickens into the insulated house.


This past month, public school started. I’m enrolled in high school band, and this year our teacher wants us to try out for Allstate. Allstate is a statewide competition that high school musicians can enter. This year he’s having us spend the first month working entirely on our auditions. I’m going to try out and I’m pretty confident that I can get in.


ethan fishing (2)
A few months ago my family moved to a new house all the way across town and I got a much bigger room. About a month back my 2 year old baby sister started saying more words and she learned the joy of puddles when it rained a bunch a week ago. A couple of weeks back I went fishing in Valdez with my dad and some of his friends. On that trip we caught 55 silver salmon and saw hundreds of jellyfish my biggest catch was a 13.5 pound salmon. Public school has started and I am playing the trombone in band and I also starting my writing class for homeschool. Soon me and my older sister we be alone at home for ten days while my parents take a vacation without kids for the first time in a long time and that means I’ll get to eat a bunch of junk food for over a week.


Emily reminds me more and more of my grandma, Irene.  Back in the day, when Hurricane Irene made the news, my grandma’s friends took to calling her “Hurricane.”  Emily is my little “hurricane.”  She is so busy and active.  Her love of play leaves a trail of toys in her wake.  She is good to clean them up.  She also loves picking up rocks and carrying them around.  She has been a bit slow to talk much.  She still uses baby sign language.  But this week, she is adding words almost daily.  I think we have a real talker on our hands.

Little Bill:

Little Bill turned 6 months old on my birthday.  He is a very happy baby.  He smiles a lot more than he cries.  He has started babbling and has discovered solid food.  I fed him pancake a few days ago.  Not a scrap was found in his clothes or on his chair.  Every bit got in the tummy.


Our new house is very easy to heat.  A few mornings have been chilly.  When we turn the heat on, it gets warm fast and holds the heat well.  That is a must for our winters.

Ethan’s allergies are doing better.  He has a follow up with an allergy specialist.  The doctor thinks we can get the allergies well under control.


Please pray for the family as we do some extra traveling and for Bill when he hunts and serves as an EMS volunteer.


2 responses to “September 2013

  1. Alice Sharrock

    Hi to the Troxels. Not only are you pastoring the church that God began using Russ and me, but I think you are now living in the same house on 7th. It is good to see you are enjoying Alaska and really fulfilling God’s purpose for Nenana Community Church. God bless you with joy and gladness! And a moose….

  2. Alice Sharrock

    Check out what we’re dong now: Asia International Mission and India is a LITTLE different from Alaska but the spiritual needs are the same.

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