October 2013

September 2013

September has come and gone.  October brings the first inkling of winter.  So far, it has been warmer than usual.  We have had some snow, but nothing has stuck.  The leaves are brilliantly colored and are still on the trees.  Sometimes autumn goes by in a flash.  This year, we have really gotten to enjoy the changing of the season.

pastoral call boat

Rebecca and Bill got away for a couple’s only retreat and vacation.  A ministry called “A Pastoral Call” took us on a cruise through the San Juan Islands, west of Bellingham, Washington.  The boat was a 62 foot beauty.  The day cruises were relaxing.  We saw orcas, porpoises, seals, and jellyfish.


We stayed in several gorgeous hotels.  We ate at fine restaurants.  We enjoyed Christian fellowship with other pastoral families.  We got a lot of sleep.  We spent time just the two of us.  It was wonderful.

friday harbor

The kids stayed in Nenana.  Papa Rob and Grandma Jeannie took care of Emily and William.  Aerin and Ethan had the house to themselves and plenty of junk food.  We stayed in touch by texting and video calling.  Everyone enjoyed their time.

From Bill:

us at harbor

Upon returning from the cruise, I got to go camping and moose hunting with my friends.  We had just set up camp when I was called away.  The Alaska State Troopers had seized an illegally harvested moose.  The church is on a list to get road kill moose and this qualified…sort of.

The moose was already quartered and in game bags.  With the help of another pastor, we hauled the moose to my house.  Our two families cut and packaged about 120 lbs. each.  We then found homes for about another 400 lbs. of meat and two sides of ribs.

The moose hunting was rather poor this year.  Being able to give away several hundred pounds of meat to families makes a real impact.  Being able to harvest moose makes the grocery bills a little easier for the winter ahead.

From Rebecca:

at mount constitution

We had a wonderful relaxing time away on vacation. We hit the ground running when we returned. The day after we got home, I had some elective surgery on my legs, which laid me low for a few days. Then the kids got sick, then I got sick. The car had a little hiccup while I was alone in town, but thankfully I was able to have it repaired in short order. The big kids really got started with school.  A neighbor’s dog got after my chickens, killing a few, which made me sad. This first weekend in October I am speaking at a ladies retreat in Homer, so I will be gone from home for a few days. This last month just flew by!

From Aerin:

During September, I spent a lot of time practicing music and recording auditions for the Allstate competition. I am fairly certain that I have a good chance of getting in, because i worked very hard and made very good audition recordings. I also started the rest of my school classes, including sociology and forensic science courses. Mom and dad went on a trip, and Ethan and I stayed home and watched the animals. It was a good test of responsibility, and I’m pretty sure we passed with flying colors! It was nice to have some time to ourselves, but we were very happy when our parents came home.

From Ethan:

This month has been very exciting I ate pizza galore when my parents were gone on vacation, I had lots of fun hanging out with my sister even though we fought some. I have completely started school and I am doing well. My band is now playing at what my teacher calls a high school level and we can play most of our songs very well. I have a robotics class that I’ve started its fun you program a robot but mine is not functioning properly, it just won’t work. I have recently recovered from a mystery illness know where I live as Nenana gunk that’s goes everywhere when the seasons change. A dog took some of my mom’s chickens two weeks ago but we still have 11, 10 hens and 1 rooster. It has finally started snowing now and I am very happy. I will soon have snowball fights with my neighbors hopefully.


Emily is really turning into a talker.  She hasn’t used a lot of words, but has used baby signing.  She is really developing her vocabulary.  Some of the words are best translated by mom, but every day is an improvement.  She has recently discovered Aerin’s old porcelain tea set.  It is shy a few pieces, but that doesn’t stop her joy.  We have all been enjoying pretend tea and tap water sipped from little cups.


Little Bill has all the parts of crawling figured out.  He gets up on his hands.  He gets up on his knees.  He pushes with his legs.  But not all at the same time yet.  Whole new worlds are open to him as he drags himself around.  He has discovered cheerios and can unerringly find his mouth every time.

Prayer requests:

We will be traveling a lot in October.  The whole family will attend Arctic Barnabas’ Ministry Family Retreat.  Please pray for refreshing times and wonderful fellowship.  Please pray for safe travel

For Bill:

For safety with our Fire/EMS department.  This time of year shows an increase in call volume.  The roads begin to get bad and vehicle accidents can abound.  Safety in the scene of an accident is a dicey thing as we are working in and around an area prone for multiple vehicle incidents.

For Rebecca:

That I will be a good teacher, a patient mother, a loving and respectful wife, and that I will be able to make time alone with God a regular part of my day.



One response to “October 2013

  1. Glad you two had such a good time in WA and that the kids enjoyed the time alone. Trust it will help with the long winter months ahead. Keep preaching the Word and ministering to the community of Nenana, see you next year.

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