Spring 2014

May 2014:

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First, thank you all for your prayers and additional financial support. We were able to replace our wrecked van with a Ford Excursion that seats eight. Good friends had a friend who had the truck. He made us a wonderful deal on it and even delivered it 250 miles from his place. With your generous help, we had additional monies to do repairs to get the vehicle road worthy for our family’s needs. The only thing lacking is new shocks. Soon we will have the money saved to be able to finish this last repair. Until then, it is already in use.

Your generous support in prayer and finances makes it possible for us to focus on ministry in Nenana. I am blessed to be able to serve in a remote place without the need of splitting my focus between ministry and a full or part time job. I hope you know how much we appreciate having you partner with us as we live and minister in Nenana.

Some highlights from the family:


I spent some weeks taking an EMT-1 class. I haven’t heard back yet whether or not I passed. The tests must be corrected at the state capitol and bureaucracy is not known for speedy turn around. Pending that certification, I may be able to take a Pre-Hospital Trauma and Life Support class to add to my skills.

We had extrication training too. I took Ethan along and our fire crew cut a car apart to “rescue” our two volunteers. Lots of fun using the Jaws of Life in a non-emergency setting.

In church, we have added more Scripture reading to our services. In March I was able to attend the Shepherd’s Conference with my friend Adam. There, one of the many challenges, was the encouragement to make Scripture ever more a central focus of the services.

In ministry, I have had the opportunity to provide pastoral care to the EMS crew after a difficult emergency situation. The team, including myself, ran a code. What that means is that we provided lifesaving interventions to a critical patient. The patient did not recover and passed away. The privilege to spend time and pray with our patient’s family was bittersweet. I was also able to spend much needed time in spiritual care for several of our EMS crew.


The summer season is here! The greenhouse has been repaired by the landlord, and seeds have been planted. The kiddy pool is full of water. The chicks are mostly adult now, they will start laying in August or so. The bike tires are full of air and my bike has the kiddy trailer attached. The bug dope is out and ready. Bring it on!


Aerin place a regionals and went to state with a trombone duet performed with her friend Shelby. She puts a lot of effort into her music and is shows. She has also enjoyed her art class this year, expanding from drawing into painting and sculpting.


Ethan bought a dirt bike! He made some good money selling root beer floats at the Gospel Music Festival last year. He has been looking for a dirt bike to buy with his well-earned savings. A local family put one up for sale at a great price. When he paid cash, they gave him $25 back so he would have gas money.


Emily just got her first kiddie pool. We brought it home, filled it up and she stuck one toe in and decided against it. The water comes out pretty cold from the tap. She kept asking to go out and get in again before it had a chance to warm up. Mom finally boiled some water, added it, and made Emily’s day. She is loving springtime and is looking forward to her birthday party on May 25th.


Little Bill is starting to talk. His favorite word is “dog” and he always adds a barking noise every time he says it. He is following Emily around and wants whatever she has. He sneaks her cup away when she sets it down and drinks it for her before she notices.


One response to “Spring 2014

  1. Norm & Carolyn Hargis

    Great update! Always good to read how God is providing for you and your family!!

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