July 2014 Update


Image   Emily says “Hi.”

Greetings friends and family!  The summer is underway.  The days are long, but we’re losing daylight now that we have passed the solstice.

Once again, thank you so much for your extra gifts.  The Ford Excursion we were able to purchase in May has been a blessing.  There is ample room for everyone.  The large cargo space makes monthly shopping much easier.  Thank you for your help in filling this need.

Recently we have had quite a bit of rain for us.  The garden is green.  Emily and Billy are big fans of mud puddles.  We are incredibly thankful for the rain since fires can be a real danger.  Bill worked two fires in one day.  A wind storm blew wires down in two locations.  One was safe to fight directly.  The other had a tree tangled in a live power line.  It was a long and successful day.  all fires were put out.

Now for some individual updates…


I have been trying to establish a web presence for the church.  There is now a Facebook page as well as a functioning website.  To visit the website, click HERE.  On the website, there is a link to the Facebook page.  I will also be trying to keep an audio link up to date on the home page with the latest sermon.

Last time, I told you how I had taken an EMT-1 class.  I am certified now.  Coming up in August, I will be taking classes for two new certifications, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support and Tactical Combat Casualty Care.  I have had multiple opportunities to work as an EMT and will be pursuing EMT-2 this fall.

The ministry opportunities have been tremendous.  I cannot share them due to confidentiality.  But the opportunities God has given are both challenging and a blessing.  I am often able to pray with people in need and share the Gospel whenever appropriate.


The garden is up and running. Broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, peas, carrots, Swiss chard, leeks, cilantro, basil, radishes, Brussel sprouts, squash, and more. I can hardly wait to harvest!  The chickens are laying eggs, but the new hens will not lay until about August.  I am reading a book about the Hilton Family. I was recently elected to the Nenana Ice Classic Board. So I now serve on the Library Board, Ice Classic Board and the Head Start Policy Council.  My days are busy but thankfully not chaotic as I make use of Google Calendar to keep so many things straight.


Aerin is looking forward to volunteering at Camp LiWa in July for three weeks. She will be one of the teen helpers, washing dishes, helping with games, etc. She will also be helping serve food at the Gospel Fest. She is still plugging away at some classes, photography and art. She is such a great teenager, I just can’t wait til all the kids are her age.


Ethan is still plugging away with Algebra. He is almost finished. He is working for a local farmer in the peony patch, he comes home tired and dirty.  He is sorta looking forward to chemistry this fall in school. He enjoys riding the dirt bike and rides very safely. He is a very willing helper and is always in a good mood.  He is eager for the Gospel Fest n the 4th of July.  He will be selling root beer floats and sundaes.  Considering last year’s sales, he may make as much as $600 this year.
We have a new member of our household. Cheala “Shayla” is a 12 year old girl that needed a place to live on a semi-permanent basis. She has been with us for a month and we foresee that she will be here at least through next school year. She is currently involved in soccer camp and is looking forward to VBS. She and Emily are best buddies. We are all learning how to live with each other.


She is starting to add words to her sentences to describe things and add details.  Every day it seems there is some new phrase she has learned that throws us into laughter. She is so undeniably cute. She is learning letters, shapes and numbers. She will be in Head Start in September and just can not wait to see her friends again.


He is learning words too, cup, button, milk, down, bye. He seems pretty laid back except when Emily takes his toy. Then he shrieks like a banshee.  He loves to go “out”. His favorite food is still bananas. He goes down stairs forward, like the big kids.

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