August 2014 Update


July has come to an end.

Last month, I told you all of the Gospel Music Fest being held July 4th and 5th. What a great time! There were friends and performers from the Lower 48 and many friends and performers from Alaska. Our dear friend, Jeannie Bennett does the lion’s share of the work with many helpers. Even with last minute cancellations, the schedule was full. Nenana enjoyed some excellent Gospel and KIAM broadcast the music to multiple villages across this great state.

We experienced some hot days. They were hot for Alaska anyway. These are the handful of days we wish we had air conditioners. There’s been a lot of rain too. The river flooded a bit before and after the Gospel Fest. But the rain has kept the fire season pretty manageable.

August is the last month of summer for us. Fall will begin for us before the month is out. Summer is short and snow is not as far away as we might think. Please pray for these last few weeks for a good harvest. Rebecca’s garden is beautiful and we hope to put away a lot of food for the winter.

Near the end of August, Rebecca is scheduling some new family photos.  Soon after, we hope to share them with you all.

Now for some family updates:


I spent a lot of time during the Gospel Fest on EMS calls. We have had an increase in call volume. Our fire chief has seen the need and provided for additional training for us next month. We will train to better handle trauma especially given that our time to the hospital is almost 40 minutes at the very best.


EMS offers many ministry opportunities and community service.  I am often able to pray with folks in their time of need and offer words of encouragement from the Scripture.  Even more, I am blessed to be a chaplain to our crew.

I was able to prepare a strong Gospel presentation the Sunday of the Gospel Fest. The performers led some excellent music. I was then able to share the bad news of sin’s eternal consequence and the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for me as I have had multiple opportunities to offer pastoral care to a local family very dear to us. They are experiencing many challenges that can’t be shared. But God knows their need. Please pray for them and for me as I speak God’s truth to them and our family strives to showcase God’s love.


The rain is getting us down, down, down. It is too wet to play on this cold, cold wet day. It seems to be so hot, we are all sweating all the time, or so rainy we can’t even go outside.

The garden is doing fine, everything is growing slowly. We have already eaten lettuce, radishes, peas, zucchini and cucumber from the garden.



The kiddos are having a fine summer now that all the school classes are done. Aerin is helping out at a summer camp this week, Ethan is still weeding in the peony patch for a neighbor, Cheala is at a cultural day camp by the river, and the babies are crawling all over me at home.

There is one yellow branch on the tree across the road, reminding me that autumn is coming fast. Soon will time to set up school for the year.

I try to enjoy every day, and remember that they only come once.



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