September 2014 Update

Well, August is done. Autumn has already come to us. The leaves had already begun to change mid-month. We look to the Toghotthele (the hill above Nenana) expecting to see the fall colors spread, the leaves fall and the snow come. Winter is very close. The sun is setting earlier and rising later each day.

The big kids started school already. Both are in the high school now and in band together. The little kids will be starting pre-school the first part of September.

As a family, we will be attending Arctic Barnabas’ Ministry Family Retreat at the end of September. This will be our third year enjoying the break and fellowship the retreat provides. Last year was at a new site with housing that enabled several families to share duplex like homes. This made for some wonderful times of chatting and catching up with old friends.

We had some family portraits taken the last Saturday of August.  Hopefully we will have new photos on Facebook and in next month’s update.

Winter is harsh. Please join us in praying for safety as winter comes and we travel and Bill ministers through EMS. We will begin missing the sun soon.


Among other things, I was able to take additional training and certification for EMS this month. The class was hard and focused on treating trauma in the field and rapid transport. I have already had the opportunity to put the training to practice.

Bill finished preaching through Hebrews and will start James in September. The church rotates month by month from Old to New Testament. The Old Testament book is the Psalms. Bill has started posting the audio to the last Sunday’s sermon on the church website at The church also has a Facebook page now. You can find it by searching Nenana Community Church.


This has been a really wet summer and the garden did not produce as much as I would have liked. We got a few cabbages, zucchini, carrots, peas, green beans, potatoes, broccoli, squash, and lettuce. Many things did not grow or just rotted. Bummer. My greenhouse tomatoes are starting to turn red and they are delicious!

The kiddos have started school again and that always takes a lot of planning on my part. Aerin will most likely graduate this next spring and we are looking into what is next for her. Ethan is starting off high school with a heavy load of forensic chemistry, applied physics, geometry and Alaska History. The babies go to Head Start in a couple of weeks and are looking forward to seeing their friends again.

I am almost finished knitting a sweater. It’s so sweater-y! I just can’t believe I made a sweater. I entered some small projects in the fair but didn’t win any ribbons.

I am very sad that Cheala is not living with us anymore. Her dad got angry and pulled her out of our house and lives very abruptly. I am deeply hurt and discouraged and my heart really does not want to reach out to anyone right now.

We are looking forward to the Ministry Family Retreat put on by Arctic Barnabas in a few weeks, and a short vacation in Anchorage following.


This month I started school, right before my sixteenth birthday. I’m in band, and I’m practicing to go to a music festival called All NorthWest, which includes several northwestern states, and Alaska is one of them. It’s going to be difficult to get in, but with lots of practice I think I can do it. I’ve also started making plans for finding a job, and a place to live when I move out. It may sound like I’m preparing really early, but I want to be ready to be on my own!


This month I crashed my dirt bike badly bent a few if the pieces and got some scrapes on me too. Then later my dad had his birthday and we went to town had good food and went to value village for a strange present contest and my sister won with a white cat birdhouse which strangeness cannot be explained with words.  Then my sister had a party that was awesome we had cupcakes then we opened presents. The sad part was we started school this week it’s started well and we have a really have a fun song in public school band.


Emily is eager for big kids’ school. She moves into a new classroom for preschool. She also gave up her toddler bed for a big girl bed. Billy moved from his crib to the toddler bed. Mom and dad tear up over watching them grow up so fast.

Little Bill:

Little Bill is picking up new words. We just have to make him take his pacifier out so we can understand him. He has discovered a true love for matchbox cars and came into possession of my collection plus Ethan’s. Now, I get to relive those precious moments when you walk out of the bedroom in the morning to step on a little hunk of die cast metal and discover perfect pain.



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