October 2014 Update

Snow is on the ground in Nenana.  Likely, the snow will stay until next spring.  The brilliant white covering the town drives home the reality of Isaiah 1:18:

“Come now, let us reason[a] together, says the Lord:
though your sins are like scarlet,
    they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red like crimson,
    they shall become like wool. (ESV)

The Troxels have now returned from traveling around Alaska.  We were able to attend a conference directed to ministering to rural pastors and missionary families.  We had a blessed time and caught up with dear friends.


The time away at the retreat and a mini vacation was much needed and enjoyed. We had great days together. We got to do a lot of what each of us wanted. My favorite was a date night with Rebecca. The restaurant was memorable for less than good reasons. But in spite of rocky service, I got to enjoy one on one time with my bride and laugh together and enjoy one another’s company.


Snow is covering the ground, the steps, the garden, and almost the dog. We survived some time away and now we are taking a day to recover from the vacation. The babies are happy to be back at Head Start. The big kids are happy to be back in their own rooms.

I think every day I will have time to sit and sip tea but I am busy busy busy. Housework never ends, kids always need attention, activities need attending.


Recently we went on a mini vacation to go to MFR and Anchorage. While we were at MFR I got so see some friends, and do some fun activities. In Anchorage, I got to see The Maze Runner with Ethan, and we went to some malls. I had a fun time, but I’m very glad to be home.


Hello this month it started snowing good and we went to MFR which is missionary family retreat where missionary family’s go to relax and to meet with other Christians who can help us progress in our faith after that we went to anchorage and stayed at a hotel and did fun activists such as go to the museum bowling ice skating swimming and we went to a small arcade and watched someone win 500 tickets! We got fun stuff doing that and when we got home we had a huge roof glacier on ready to fall on us and today we are taking a day off to get used to home.


Emily reminds us more and more of my mom. She is adorable even when she’s incorrigible. We have to hide amused faces when correcting her since she makes us smile so much. She is full of laughter and makes “best friends” wherever she goes.

Little Bill

Poor Bill fell and split his lip while playing at the retreat. It didn’t stop him from smiling and giggling. He has come to love toy cars and usually has one clutched tightly. His eye color has gone back and forth. We could never be certain which color they were turning. The last few weeks and they are growing the deep, lovely brown color of his mom. My momma always wanted a grandbaby with eyes like her beloved daughter in law. Now she has one.


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