November 2014

Family Update November 2014

October started with our return to Nenana. We really enjoyed the ministry retreat and loved the time together in Anchorage. But it was so nice to come home.

October has removed any doubt that winter is here. The temperatures have been very mild. We have had snow several times and it is not melting until spring. The roads have been very good. Even better, the truck we were able to buy, thanks to donors’ special gifts, is very safe and stable and has four wheel drive.

We have started a youth group again. There was a lag there for a time after the former youth leader moved to Juneau. We have all former AWANA students. We are focusing the teaching on how to read the Bible for one’s self. We have had a lot of fun and the youth have already presented a skit to the folks on Sunday morning.

We are focusing on settling in for the winter. Temperatures may soon drop to twenty, thirty or even forty below. The sun is setting earlier. Winter is fully upon us.


My month revolved around helping with a new class of EMT 1 candidates. I was privileged to help teach the students the hands on skills under the teaching of our fire chief. After classes were complete, I was one of the proctors selected to administer the hands on portion of the state exam. Several new EMTs were certified with two intending to volunteer in Nenana.

On the horizon, I have been asked to teach driving skills to volunteers who wish to drive the ambulance. I am working out a training program.

This month we were blessed to see a man that many of us have shared to Gospel with, make a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ. He has stopped by my office to discuss many different matters pertaining to the start of a new life in Christ. Many of us already see some substantial changes in his life and are overjoyed that God would be so gracious to allow us to be involved in His calling a sinner to salvation.


It is definitely cold, and the snow is here to stay. Jackets are a must these days and every morning we search for mittens. All the kiddos are doing well in school and I am still trying to get in a cup of tea every once in a while. I am knitting a hat/mitten/scarf set for the library annual fund raiser. I decided to have a physical this fall as I haven’t been to the doctor in a few years and everything has come back normal and good.


This month was Halloween, and I wore a matching ghost costume with two of my friends! I went trick or treating with them, and then had a sleepover. Our church also just started a youth group after church every Sunday. We’re learning how to study and understand the bible and I really enjoy it! I think I’m going to learn a lot of very useful skills.


This month I managed to hurt my toe really bad and my church started a new youth group. We do Bible trivia, a catechism, games and plan skits to do in church. We also get some small item rewards. We are reading in Colossians 1 and observing, interpreting, and applying what we learn.

On Halloween my friend and I went trick or treating. I was a villager from the Minecraft game. My friends were a cat and an empress. We got lots of candy one of the people we went to had had to leave so they just left a bowl of candy outside their door!ethan's costume

Emily:emilyis signature

Among other things, Emily is learning to write her name. She loves preschool. She loves music and dancing. She is a bundle of smiles and curls.

Little Bill:

Little Bill is learning to count. He counts the steps as he comes into the house. He was repeating, “1, 2, 1, 2”, but now counts to 9, but misses a few in between. He loves toy cars and saying “No” to Emily.


One response to “November 2014

  1. Hey there, all of you!

    Sorry for writing after such a long time, but time just left me behind. I am glad you are all safe at home. Gorgeous photos! The children really grew up.
    Please write something back if you have time.
    God bless
    Your penpal

    Johan Beukes from South Africa

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