December 2014 Update

Family Update December 2014

November has come and gone. We have had unseasonably warm weather. There is little snow on the ground and many days showed colder temperatures in the lower 48 than here. Fortunately, the warmth has not led to ice storms like we had last year.

As November closes, the time of year is a busy one for us. We co-hosted the 7th annual community Thanksgiving. It has been 7 years since community members asked if we would revive this long standing tradition. Multiple churches and community groups now come together to celebrate the holiday.

We are looking forward to lots of activity in December too. There are many Christmas parties. The church will host Christmas caroling on the 21st. Our family will again throw a Christmas Eve party and read the Christmas story to our friends and neighbors.

Pray that during this busy time of year that we do not lose sight of the glory of God displayed in the Son of God who was born in Bethlehem, lived a sinless life, and then died to atone for our sins calling us to be His bride.


November has been a relatively calm month. I was able to get away for a few days with the elders. We wrote up a proposed budget for 2015 and enjoyed one another’s company.

I have been blessed to start up a youth group once again. It has been some years since the last youth group. I am teaching the youth basic Bible study methods and how to glean principles for godly living from the Scripture. I hope they enjoy the time as much as I do.

I am also putting the finishing touches on a driver course for the fire department. Every member will be required to take the course to standardize our methods. This has been a real challenge to put into words the experiences and lessons of the last few years. The hope is that the course will contribute to the continued safety of the department and those we serve.


Finally we got some more snow that turned the world a beautiful white again. We are having a relatively warm winter so far, and that is a nice change for me. I know some others are having a hard time because the rivers are not frozen yet. We made it through Thanksgiving week, having four social engagements. We hosted the 7th Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner, a potluck style dinner at the native hall. The church provided two turkeys. There were about 100 people who came to eat. We have about a week or so until Christmas activities start up.

I knitted a hat, scarf, mitten set to donate to the library silent auction for a fundraiser. I am knitting a Christmas present for Ethan too. I am doing some online Christmas shopping this week, hopefully all will arrive by the big day.


During this last month we had Thanksgiving. I didn’t go to many dinners, but for the ones I did go to, the food was pretty good! I also started a class that is teaching me how to code using JavaScript. Next I hope to learn HTML. I didn’t expect to love this coding stuff nearly as much as I do!


This month my toenail is healing after my accident and we have had a lot of fun. Emily has been learning how to draw people and write her name and she really proud.

We have been doing well in youth group at church and have been watching the Ken Ham Bill Nye debate videos at my church evening service. We have gotten to the holiday season we had three thanksgiving dinners and one 5th Sunday church sing all in less than one week!

My sister talked about plans for setting up Christmas decorations but I’ve been wanting to do it for a while even if it means some work for me getting all the decorations from out of the eaves upstairs so Merry (early) Christmas!


Emily is learning to dress herself. She has a pretty good handle on it when she wants. But occasionally, she is certain that mom does it best. She sings and dances around the house. She reminds me a lot of my mom. She has joined the world of the big kids and now has her own daily chores. She loves it, which sets her more than a little bit apart from the bigger kids.

Little Bill:

New words are constantly flowing from little Bill. He is growing fast and learning new things all the time. He has a tendency to scoop up toys and snacks from Emily when her back is turned. He also enjoys sitting on the couch with the boys snuggled between Ethan and dad.


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