Troxel Family Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas tree

Photo by Aerin

Hello from the Troxels!

We have recently gotten some fresh snow and are enjoying the white beauty around us everywhere. The weather has been unusually warm and there are still open spots in the rivers. The frost on the trees is wonderfully full and the snow machines are out in full force.

This last year has seen us serving the Lord, still in Nenana. Bill has been active in the Emergency Medical Services/Fire Department. Rebecca is a member of various community boards. Aerin is now 16 and finishing up her high school career. She is learning computer programing and digital art techniques and is excited out getting out on her own in a few years. Ethan is 13 and a freshman. He loves to snowboard, build things and eat. He does not like geometry. Emily is three and a whirlwind of activity. She is very girly, and insists all her clothes are pink. Everyone describes her as “adorable”. William is just about two and talking up a storm. His favorite phrases are “I did it!” and “Don’t want to!” He loves helicopters, cars and trains.

We enjoyed some time away from Nenana this year also. Rebecca attended the Arctic Barnabas Ladies Retreat in Soldotna last January. Bill attended the Shepherd’s Conference in LA last March. Aerin spent two weeks during the summer at Camp LiWa, north of Fairbanks, as a teen helper. The family spent a few days at Victory Bible Camp in October at the Mission Family Retreat, put on by Arctic Barnabas. Then we all spent four days in Anchorage at a hotel with a pool.

This next year will be attending a Village Missions Conference in Cannon Beach, Oregon in June. We are planning a family vacation in Las Vegas to coincide with this trip to the states. Bill will be taking the EMT-2 classes this February and going to the Shepherds Conference again in March.

We love Nenana and are so thankful for God and Village Missions placing us here. We are looking forward to the next year and all the wonderful things He has in store for us. Please pray that we can reach out to those around us through word and deed, and that our lives would be a witness to those unwilling to listen. Remember to pray that Bill and Rebecca will be good parents, and all the kiddos follow God’s leading and do the right thing. May God bless you and yours.




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