February 2015

January was a month to rest and catch our breath. The holiday season is over and January slows down a bit. Still, we had a lot to get done as we look to the spring and summer.

In June, we will be attending a Village Missions conference at Canon Beach, OR. The mission will be paying for our tickets to Oregon. Rebecca spent a lot of time and effort arranging a family vacation around that trip. We will fly down early and will be traveling to California for a brief visit at Disneyland.

From California, we will travel to Nevada. While there, we hope to visit Rebecca’s grandmother who turns 100 this year. This trip will also take us to the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. The kids are excited to see these places and the parents are too.

Rebecca has worked with the VM office to get a lot of details squared away for a smooth trip and family fun. Working like this in January helps us look ahead to warmer weather in the midst of winter. Winter has come upon us finally. The day I wrote this, the thermometer showed -41 degrees.


I was able to help with an EMT class taught by our fire chief. In between my regular work schedule, I joined the class as an extra set of hands in learning various skills. I was also a patient getting splinted and wrapped up for transport.

I also began to complete the hands on training for new ambulance drivers. I teach the driver course for our department and am working to standardize the skills and protocols for safe and speedy delivery of our patients to the local hospital.

I am looking ahead to a new EMT certification next month. If successful, I will be certified to provide IV therapy, advanced airway management, and certain lifesaving medications.

In the pastoral world, I have been thoroughly enjoying our new youth group. I am teaching our young people Bible study methods so that they can read and understand the Scriptures well and put godly principles into action.

A recent ministry opportunity reminded me that a listening ear goes a long way to show love and concern.  A friend experienced a great loss and needs to talk through the grief process.  I have been there and had good friends listen.  I’m thankful God has given me the opportunity to listen now.


January seems to have been the month for colds. We have all been snuffly, sneezy, coughy, drippy messes. And it was 40 below for a quite a few days so we all got on each others nerves too! I did take a few days away to go to a ladies retreat in Soldotna. It is put on yearly by Arctic Barnabas and it was wonderful! It was so nice to have a few days of being pampered and renewed. I am still knitting and have picked up a new technique, cables! I made a pair of fingerless gloves for Aerin with a beautiful cable up the back of the hands.


The weather finally warmed up, but now I’m sick. I have some sort of head cold/chest cold 😦 I kind of just want to curl up in my blankets and die. Unfortunately that’s not an option. I’m looking forward to spring because then I’ll have more things to take pictures of. All winter long I’ve really only had snow and icicles. And they all look the same. That reminds me, this weekend is a basketball tournament(the N.I.T.) where a bunch of kids from all over the state come to play basketball, and I think I’m gonna try and get some cool photos. Should be pretty awesome.


This month we started school after Christmas break and I’ve been doing well I’ve already finished many classes but I still have classes to finish this winter hasn’t been very snowy but I’m hoping it will get snowy so Aerin and I can snowboard in Fairbanks it’s always so much fun. Soon I’m gonna take a Lego mind storms robotics course and I’m really excited


Emily has decided her world must be pink. Pink clothes, blankets and toys; pink bowls, forks, and spoons. If it comes in pink, that’s for her. She has taken to pretending to be another girl names Annie. So now we have two 3 year old daughters and neither one likes being mistaken for the other.


William now turns every toy into a gun. He makes pretty good “pow” and “bang” sounds too. If he’s not making a pretend firearm, he loves toy cars. He inherited every toy car I had and every one Ethan ever added to that collection. I empathize more with my mom now that I have stepped on a toy car in the middle of the night.


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