March 2015

March 2015

February was an odd month. There are places on the river with moving water. The temperatures have been warmer here than in many places in the lower 48. Recently, we experienced freezing rain, yet again this winter. The glaciers of snow and ice on our roof top are starting to slide off.

The sun is also coming up earlier. We can even feel the warmth of it through the windows. We eagerly look forward to additional light and spring weather coming soon.

All was not warm and cozy though. One Sunday, we arrived at church to 40 degree temperatures inside the building. We were able to take steps to arrange the local repair company to come out, but the service was a bit chilly. We shortened the announcements and music, got done a bit early, and fled to the home of good friends to have a potluck.

We are down a vehicle for a little while. One cold snap in the midst of this warming was the final straw for the power steering of the Hyundai. After taking it in, the poor car is past due on some necessary maintenance and repairs for a vehicle with that many miles. Our local repair shop is top notch and the mechanic is a good man. He has quoted a very reasonable price and always does great work.


I was looking forward to EMT 2 class this month. Unfortunately, the class had to be rescheduled. The state instructor got grounded in Anchorage due to bad weather. The class has been rescheduled for April. EMS call volume has gone up. The icy travel conditions added an extra level of stress. I am very thankful for God’s grace and mercy in protecting our crew over so many miles meeting so many needs.

I am very excited at attending the Shepherd’s Conference in California again this year. The conference is a summit on the inerrancy of Scripture. I look forward to exhortation and edification. I am also looking forward to many, many books and the very atmosphere of being surrounded by so many men of God.


​I am very involved in Head Start and Early Head Start, the programs that Emily and William attend on a daily basis. I am the chairperson of the policy council and I get to work with the central office helping to mold the program with a parents input. This month I spent two days in meetings in Fairbanks. Aerin and Ethan were also in Head Start when they were little ones. Head Start is like a preschool.

Since we are going to be gone from Alaska this June, I am going to cut back on the garden this summer and tackle a new project. I have decided to refinish our kitchen table and chairs. They are nice wood furniture but getting wobbly and have damaged surfaces. Since I have never done any furniture refinishing, does anyone have any tips for me?


This month I’m preparing for Musicfest, which will be held in Delta this year. I turned in an audition for Honor Band, so here’s hoping I got in! Along with that, my friend and I will also be performing a duet while at the festival. I also tried out 3D modeling this month, and it’s really fun! It’s hard to get used to working in a three dimensional space, but it’s pretty rewarding to see the final result of my hard work. I’m really enjoying testing out all these different digital art types.


This month I have a fairly normal time I have finished a few classes and did pretty well in them. I’ve also managed to make a small snowman today since we got our first wet snow. I haven’t done much more than that this month but I have still enjoyed it.
I also got a new computer cooling pad which has helped with my computer overheating problem
Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas!


Emily is growing up fast and is very funny. She calls a pillow case a “pillow sheet”, a smoothie a “smooty” and a pumpkin a “punkman”. She knows her numbers to 20, the alphabet, and a lot of songs. She is picking out letters she sees on signs, and asking me what does that word say. She is looking forward to playing outside as it gets warmer, we have a small swingset and slide.

Little Bill:

William turned 2 this month. He is talking all the time and picking up new words really fast. He loves to mimic us. He is working on colors and counting. He follows Emily around and wants to do everything she does. He is starting to potty train. His favorite TV show is “Blues Clues”, and his current favorite toys are little construction trucks that he got for his birthday. When we are outside and any noise happens, he asks “What’s that?” So we talk about snow machines, chainsaws, helicopters, trucks, cows, chickens, etc.


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