April 2015 Update

April 2015

10265389_772503579523391_3450748961098115762_o Pictures courtesy of Aerin Troxel Photography

The weather continues to warm up in Nenana.  For the last week we have had daytime temperatures above freezing.  What little snow we have is melting quickly.  The roads are getting sloppy in the day and roughly frozen over at night.  In some places, pools are collecting to turn into treacherous ice slicks every evening.

Along with warmer weather, our days are growing.  We have almost 13 hours of daylight already.  That is up more than 8 hours a day just since Christmas.  I really enjoy going to and from work in the light.  These longer days will mean increased melting.  We already have our rubber boots out because things will be getting muddy very soon.

As the spring comes in, we are also looking forward to travel in June.  Rebecca has made a lot of reservations for our trip.  We will leave from Alaska at the end of May and travel to Nevada.  From there, we will go see the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.  Our hope is to visit Rebecca’s grandmother in celebration of her 100th birthday.  Unfortunately, her health is deteriorating.  That is a prayer request, dear friends and family, for grandma and also Rebecca’s parents as they care for her in these last days.

10842071_759325914174491_2688235219216532611_oPictures courtesy of Aerin Troxel Photography


I was so happy to go to the Shepherd’s Conference this year.  The church graciously provides for this trip every year.  I was able to go with my friend and co-elder Adam.  While there, we got to spend time with a pastor friend from another Alaskan village.  We also were able to meet Paul Washer, a missionary who preaches, evangelizes and writes passionately concerning the faith.  Look him up on Youtube.  He shared stories from the field and encouraged us.

I am days from the EMT 2 class that was rescheduled before the last update.  I will be in class for a week and learn advanced EMS skills, including IVs and advanced airway management.  We have a small and dedicated group of volunteers.  Having as many of us as possible trained at advanced levels allows for better care in Alaska.

Little can ever be shared about EMS in ministry as we must protect everyone’s privacy.  One thing I can share is how encouraged I was recently.  A former patient recognized me and thanked me and the whole crew for the help we rendered.  This person is certain we saved them.  I am thankful to be a small part in this volunteer effort.  I am even more thankful to God for his grace in using our efforts to save lives and offer comfort.

1596912_759326264174456_5832964005617939234_oPictures courtesy of Aerin Troxel Photography


The sun is back! The ground is showing through and it is warm enough to be outside without a coat. I am spending a lot of time outside  pushing the swings on the swing set. I am planning our June trip and getting reservations nailed down. I spent a nice day with the church ladies yesterday, we went to a women’s trade show and out to lunch.

William and Emily fight a lot but then turn around and call each other best buddies. They love to eat pancakes topped with  pb and j.  William has started collecting pocket rocks and Emily finds pennies for her penguin bank.

885708_759325644174518_3875753460338179705_oPictures courtesy of Aerin Troxel Photography


It’s almost spring, and I’m very excited! Once it gets warmer out, I plan on taking a lot more photos, and even making some into post cards. I’m almost done with school for the year, I only have 4 classes left to finish up! I’m doing a great job, and my band is making very good process on our competition music for Musicfest, which is in a few weeks. Wish us luck!


This month wasn’t too exciting but I am starting my last two classes soon and I cleaned my room in the last few days. I’m also excited for riding my dirtbike soon because it’s nice to be able to go around town easy without asking for a ride. I’ve finished my math class this month and am excited for music fest in a few weeks where the music class goes south and competes against other bands in Alaska and I also have a duet this year with another trombonist.

We’re going on vacation soon!

10994253_759316320842117_1212479089384696306_oPictures courtesy of Aerin Troxel Photography


Emily learned about butterflies at preschool.  Among other things she shared was that cocoons are what worms make to become to become moths.  Caterpillars make chrysalises to become butterflies.  She shared this with dad when he came home by saying, “Butterflies come from chrysalises”.  She said the word clearly and plainly.  Dad was a little taken aback.  He asked her to repeat herself and again, she used the words correctly and pronounced them perfectly.  Dad was pretty impressed.

Little Bill:

William has fallen in love with the toy cars I had as a kid and Ethan added to in his turn.  A few evenings ago, he was playing with a truck and every time it backed up, he made the “beep, beep” sound of a back up alarm.  When he gets a toy ambulance, he calls it “daddy’s car” since he knows I drive the ambulance.


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