May 2015

Family Update May 2015

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April has come and gone and so has most of the snow.  The ice on the rivers is starting to break up.  The Nenana tripod (which has eight legs) tipped over and traveled far enough to trip the wire, officially marking the ice going out.  With spring time coming, the temperatures are warming.  I have seen the first bird of spring, which for us is a mosquito.  The daylight is growing long, but I have yet to see an out of state RV.

Our family is already looking ahead to summer.  We’re not tired of spring, but looking forward to a vacation.  In late May, we will begin travel that will take us to see the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and hopefully see some family.  We have loose plans with some relatives to also travel toward the Southwest and reconnect and catch up.


I have been enjoying the youth group so very much.  I am teaching the basic principles of Bible study along with some games and crafts.  Last week we made origami chicken puppets.  I have been encouraged by the eagerness of the youth to learn more about how to read and understand the Bible.  A few weeks ago, we barely made home as Ethan sprang from the car to his mom to tell her what he had learned.

This past month I took an EMT 2 certification and passed.  Among other things, I can now give IVs, IV fluids, and more medications than an EMT 1.  I was joined by my friend Derek and now there are two new EMT 2s in the department.  We are blessed to have several highly trained medics with a lot of experience teaching us and leading the way.


I have been busy planning vacation details and knitting while inside, and cleaning the yard while outside. The chickens have been running wild the last few weeks and are getting braver and going farther away. It is time to put them in their summer pen. Loss of freedom means more safety for them I guess. There are a few large slow mosquitoes out but they don’t bother us too much yet.

Emily and William are loving the time we spend outside. We have been to the playground, on walks, to see the local farm and to the river bank. One of their favorite places is the airport taxiway, a wide open asphalt space, with a gravel pile on the side. We take bikes, scooters, balls and cars. We stay away from the airplanes, of course, and are never on the runway.


This last month, I went to musicfest. I was disappointed because I didn’t get to go to the next level of competition. I also spent the better part of this last month working for the Ice Classic. It’s very boring, but I need the money so I can move out next year. I’m really looking forward to summer vacation.


This month I got my dirtbike out of storage so that it’s easier to go around town and that’s really nice and we also went to musicfest for my first time this year and it was awesome we played for a huge band with a lot of schools from around the state and while Nenana’s band only got second place in the region I had a lot of fun not a lot of stuff has happened this month besides that it was a really fun month for me and I can’t wait for musicfest next year

We’re going on vacation soon!



Recently in church, Emily asked, “What does God look like?”  Aerin said, “I don’t know.  What do yout think?”  Emily happily replied, “He has a yellow coat with a red stripe.”  We’re still not sure where that came from.  But she asks questions about God and Jesus.  She takes her turn at praying for our meals.

In response to her question, even though I couldn’t tell her what he looks like, , I took time to tell her what God is like.  I explained God as a Father who loves his children and protects them.  She responded that I do that too.  I told her that God tells us the rules and helps us obey, and that he still loves us when we disobey.  But she knew that we had to “say sorry” when we disobey.  I am thankful for these first steps in Emily hearing the Gospel and remain prayerful that she will accept the Gospel in due time.

Emily is looking forward to her birthday on the 25th. Then vacation on the 27th. I have told her all about airports and traveling and where we will be going so that the whole experience will not be so scary. She is most excited about going to Disneyland and going swimming in the hotel pools. She has mostly given up sucking her fingers and it was not the battle I was expecting.



William is definitely two. The tantrums have started. But they usually don’t last long so that is good. He is able to play on the small playground equipment by himself, climbing the steps, going down the slide and attempting the ladder. He loves all vehicles: cars, trucks, construction equipment, helicopters and airplanes.


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