July 2015 Update

The Troxels are back from vacation!


The trip was a bit trying at times.  Long flights and long drives were required.  We drove all day from Nenana to Anchorage and flew out late at night.  Upon arriving at LAX, we drove straight to Las Vegas.  Traffic in Vegas was a bit much for village folk like us.  Later we drove into bumper to bumper traffic returning to LA.  In LA, Disneyland was a must see.  After this, we flew to Portland and Village Missions graciously loaned us a van to drive to Cannon Beach for a VM conference.  After that, we returned to Portland for a day and a half and flew back to Anchorage.  We enjoyed some lunch with Rebecca’s folks and returned to Nenana.


We spent two weeks in Las Vegas.  Las Vegas has spent time and money making the destination more family friendly.  We were able to rent rooms at a very low rate.  The city has a lot of things for a family like ours to go and do and see.  The hotel we stayed at had an indoor amusement park complete with rollercoaster.

We spent just shy of a week in LA.  The crowning event was Disneyland.  We stayed right across the street from the park.  Every night, we went out onto the balcony to watch fireworks.

Cannon Beach was a great time reconnecting with VM friends and making new ones.  The director gave us updates on the mission that were very encouraging.  A VM pastor preached several messages that were encouraging and convicting.  We learned the details of a great program to provide education and equipping of the saints to do ministry.  These materials are made available to all of us at no cost except any textbooks that are required.


Portland meant a pilgrimage to Powell’s.  This huge bookstore is amazing and stocked with new and used books and covers a city block.

Home again.  We are still getting caught up on what has happened since we were away.  Among other things, the wildfire season is upon us.  Many fires are active very close to us.  That means a busy time for the fire department, smoky air, and concern over the loss of property that many of our neighbors have experienced and some still face.  Join us in praying for slow, gentle, rain in copious amounts and no lightning strikes.

This past weekend was the traditional 4th of July Festivities in Nenana.  There was a parade with candy.  There were lots of races and games.  The Gospel MUsic Festival framed the events.  The music started on the afternoon of the third.  On the 4th, the festival picked up again as the other activities concluded.  Finally, the festival ended with an open air service with many churches in attendance.  Lots of music and then Bill shared a Gospel message.




I feel rested.  I enjoyed focusing my time and attention on my bride and children.  I am glad we were able to get away.

Now I am glad to be home.  Six hours after arriving in town, I was driving an ambulance in response to a 911 call.  In the first few days, I worked my first wildfire call of the season.

I have met with several folks getting updates on the church and the fire department and getting caught up on the lives of friends and neighbors.  Many of these shouldered responsibilities for us in Nenana so we could rest easy on our trip.




Our trip was a lot of fun and we spent great family time together. We went swimming many times, saw every kind of truck in William’s favorite book, drove down the Las Vegas strip at night looking at the lights and volcano, and took the big kids gocarting. We saw sharks and dolphins, rode a monorail and a double decker bus, ate in buffets, and went on a carousel and a huge ferris wheel. We drove through horrible traffic and sat alone on the beach. We stayed at really nice hotels and had a reservation at one that turned out to be awful (we didn’t stay there).  Oh yeah, we saw a really big hole.

It is nice to be home in our big house where we have room to spread out. We are back in the swing of things with carnivals, upcoming July 4th activities, the Nenana Gospel Fest, VBS, and all our normal duties. I’m sure summer will slip by fast but I am hoping to enjoy every minute of it.




This last month we were on vacation! We went to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Cannon Beach, and Portland. I got to do a ton of really cool things; like roller coasters and indoor skydiving! It was tons of fun, but I did miss my friends a lot. I’m very happy to be home, even though I had a very good time.




On vacation this month we went some really cool places after all the travel we stayed at Circus Circus in Las Vegas but we also went to the Mirage New York New York and the Bellagio  and the Excalibur to see different shows we saw dolphins and sharks (not in the same tank) and went on the roller coaster that goes around New York New York and saw the tournament of kings at the Excalibur but we also went to fun attractions around the city like indoor skydiving and go carting.  After Vegas we stayed in Anaheim to go to Disneyland cause with a 4 year old girl how can you not.  Then we flew up to Portland and drove to Cannon Beach.  At Cannon Beach I had lots of fun but when they said they would have a bonfire on the beach and it was two feet wide I almost claimed false advertising.  After driving back to Portland, dad, my sister, and I went to Powell’s Bookstore which was awesome.  Then we flew back to Anchorage spent some time with our grandpa ‘cause he is a father too.  Then drove back to Nenana with very little delays.




Emily has found her inner mermaid.  She loved going to the pool.  Many hours were spent helping her float around and jump into the water.  She had a blast.  She also got to go to Disneyland.  She was overcome with joy.  She handled the travel very well and provided an endless supply of smiles and giggles.

At the Gospel Music Fest, Emily was a performer.  She wandered to the front where the musicians were singing.  She started singing “Jesus Loves me” and they helped her sing it on the radio.  She was unbearably cute.




Little Bill is afraid of people in masks and weird outfits.  He reacted loudly to the ones he saw on the strip.  So, Disneyland wasn’t going to be much enjoyment for him. So he and dad stayed at the hotel and played with toy cars all day.  Dad loved it.


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